Last Gasp Of Summer

Friday, September 25, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 25th

Have been enjoying researching Marcel for an upcoming post.
Great shot from Hans Fahrmeyer!

Favorite Videos of the Week:

Some of my favorite video's of the past week or so.

Guy Tang Video promoting his new Website. Check out the site HERE:

Guy by Gary Xu

A fan of Scott Herman made him this great tribute video featuring some of his hottest pics!

A little Maxwell Zagorski for A&F (see post below).

This one just made me laugh!

Pic Series Of The Day: Maxwell Zagorski For International Jock

I have been planning on a post on Maxwell Zagorski for awhile now. Since time is a factor this evening, consider these shots from International Jock as a coming attraction for a future post.

Kudos to 'Grey's Anatomy'

For some reason I feel the need to start most of my posts about 'Grey's by apologizing for loving 'Grey Anatomy'. I won't today. Grey's has the reputation by some who don't watch it as a big massive soap opera. It can be. But Grey's to me is a very small show really, one about relationships, one about small moments.

I have to start off with (as some of you know) I am not a fan of actor T.R Knight. I did however love his character George. It is a testament to his skill that even though I really did not care that the actor was leaving that his characters death still had a massive effect on me. Must credit Sondra Rhimes and the entire writing team, including Krista Vernoff who wrote last nights two hours.

I love 'Grey's Anatomy' I LOVED the funeral scene last night so much, I love the drama shaping up between Derek and the Chief. I love Baily, I love Izzy, I love the acting brilliance of Sandra Oh, I am hot for Kevin McKidd. I loved the last scene between Alex and Izzy last night. (Justin Chambers rocks).

I love that even though Martha Plimpton has been in some great movies and plays, and as great as she was last night, she will always be a 'Goonie' to me!