Saturday, January 15, 2011

Here'sssssssssssssss Jonny

Above: Jonny by EyeBully.

'The subtle click of the camera, the pop of the lights, and the transformation of an ordinary-looking guy into a stunning photograph'

Below: Jonny by JR Shot You.

I would bet most people have had times when their self esteem has taken a kick or maybe even gotten a boost when viewing a picture of themselves. I am generally ok with how I look in pictures except when it is a shot taken at work. Fluorescent lighting is not our friend...

Transformation has been a theme that consistently pops up when I communicate with models about their work. I love Jonny's quote about being an ordinary guy who morphs into something special in photographs. I was initially tempted to write there is nothing ordinary about Jonny but the more I thought about it I am more inclined to respect his statement and say we are all actually quite ordinary. It is what we do, how we live our lives and most importantly how we are viewed which can transform us to something extraordinary.

Next two shots by Krisopher Kelly.

Jonny is a writer who lives and works in Brooklyn. Jonny is not really interested in flexing for the camera or showcasing fashion or products. Jonny's main interest is the aforementioned transformation. Jonny loves to work with photographers interested in experimenting with lighting, post-production effects and different looks and concepts. Through this creative process, the 'ordinary' writer, transforms into something more sculptural or painterly.

Below: Jonny by Patrick Mulcahy.

Below: Jonny by Y why Y why Y.

Below: Jonny by Beauty Prison.

Below: Beautiful shot by Tony Jones.

Jonny by Hans Fahrmeyer

A few years ago Jonny did a shoot with photographer Hans Fahrmeyer A few years ago Jonny did a shoot with photographer Hans Fahrmeyer but never ended up seeing all of the final results. That is until Hans shared them with us at FH! Thanks as always to Hans Fahrmeyer who edited the shots to go along with my post about Jonny above. Be sure to check out Hans tumblr HERE:

Jonny by Hans Fahrmeyer

A few years ago Jonny did a shoot with photographer Hans Fahrmeyer but never ended up seeing all of the final results. That is until last week when Jonny was pleasantly surprised to find himself a part of Hans most recent video and series Brief Encounter (see more HERE:) Thanks as always to Hans Fahrmeyer who edited the shots to go along with my post about Jonny above. Be sure to check out Hans official site HERE:

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 15th

One of my favorite shots from photographer, designer and writer Joe Mozdzen.
Look for more of Joe's work on FH in the future.

Happy Birthday today January 15th to:

Happy Birthday today to model and actor Trent Ford who turns 32 today! Check out previous birthday posts for January 15th featuring Trent, Sean Lamont, Eddie Cahill, Christophe Moni, Chris Beesley and Mario Van Peebles.

Run Dr. Oz RUN!!!

Those who read FH on a regular basis no I have a love/hate thing going with Oprah. I can clearly see the good she has done and continues to do. I also feel there is an arrogance (far beyond confidence) that often comes through in not just her attitude but in the various projects she does.

What Oprah has not seemed to learn is over exposure is not her friend. I believe it is why some her acting projects (post Color Purple) failed. Oprah seemed to think her fans would follow her anywhere, even to the bad projects. Oprah may have helped Obama get in office but she cannot get a big audience to a John Travolta film, no matter how hard she pushes...

Most of the people Oprah has introduced the world to; Dr Oz, Nate Berkus, Dr Phil all began as likable and interesting personalities. many things Oprah insists on pushing them down our throats and usually we end up turning on them. Dr. Phil was ok in small doses but as a daily fixture he has become no better than Jerry Springer. Suze Orman has taken 'loving oneself' to a nauseating and annoying level. Nate, once so sweet is beginning to show the tell tale signs of being....well 'Oprahdized'. Run Dr. Phil....and run fast. Don't let yourself, like Dr. Phil and Suze be OWNED.

It's all coming together for Jonathan D. Lovitz

I first discovered the work of actor, singer and model Jonathan D. Lovitz close to two years ago when I was researching the work of another actor. That research took me to a review of The American Stage production of Altar Boyz in Tampa. Jonathan stood out in the cast shots I saw and I went looking for more. Jonathan has an extensive stage resume and when I contacted him about a profile he could not have been nicer.

Jonathan is one of those actors who exudes positive energy that effects those around him. His smile, which I am sure will be mentioned whenever he is written about, is without a doubt contagious. A did a short post earlier this year of Jonathan's performance in The Lonely Goatherd for Broadway Bares Classics at Splash. (see that post HERE:)

I have followed Jonathan's career since and all of his hard work has led to some exciting projects. First off Jonathan just launched his official website which include tons of info and and extensive picture gallery. Some of my favorite shots of Jonathan, including all of those included in this post are by the brilliant Thomas Synnamon.

Jonathan is also a part of Setup Squad premiering this April on Logo.

'No-nonsense Renee Lee has the business solution for people who stink at dating: she hooks them up with professional "wing" women and men from her agency. From the producers of "Pawn Stars," "Setup Squad" is a docu-reality series where relationship misfits get saved from themselves by experts who coach them in 'the art of the pickup.' The "wing" women and men are snappy and sexy: two straight women, a lesbian, and a gay man (hunky Broadway star, Jonathan D. Lovitz) - all fierce and fun and full of opinions about their ineffectual clients. They give clients a crash dating makeover, transforming them from 'shabby & shy' to 'chic & confident'. Then they provide a real shot at love, breaking the ice for them in social settings. Then the real dramas unfold. Will they land the deal? Or get snubbed by their intended target? And what happens when one of the experts gets a little too cozy with their client? Find out in this highly charged reality series combining the most sizzling parts of dating shows with the most electric elements of workplace dramas.'

It's all coming together!

Be sure to check out Jonathan's official website HERE:

'Some Like It Hot' by WANDER AGUIAR

From January's AXN Magazine

WANDER AGUIAR presents 'Some Like It Hot'

Model: Billy
PA: Andrey Bahia

RUFSKIN underwear and H&M with long sleeve t-shirt
AUSSIE BUN swimwear and COTTOM grafic tee
RUFSKIN black underwear and ADDIDAS red sport jackect
COTTOM underwear.