Monday, November 28, 2011

Hawaii Adjacent: Ron Reyes Photography

Now I know the first two shots of Mark (above & below) may not scream Hawaii, but...they were one of the inspirations for today's posts. I have long admired the work of Ron Reyes and a few weeks ago when he posted the shot below on his photography facebook page I instantly contacted him. Ron's image, the pose, Mark's long lean and fit body, breathtaking!

Now truth be told Ron Reyes is not currently living in Hawaii. He lives and works in Laguna Hills California. Ron is however, one of only a few artists who incorporate traditional Hawaiian imagery as a theme within their work. The vibrant colors, the energy and rhythm associated with Hawaii can be felt in each of his images, even those with more subtle nods to the Islands and their culture.

Andrei A

Although Ron no longer lives in Hawaii it is a permanent part of who he is and it appears to be a mission to share his Pacific Island background and the beauty of the Island Culture with other parts of the country. Ron used to dance Hula but now concentrates on his music, singing and performing with his ukulele in Huntington Beach.

Brandon S

Before I moved on to Piano I played the ukulele and cannot count (or block out) the many times my parents insisted I play 'yellow bird' for aunts and uncles and anyone who visited our home who was over the age of 40. Although the ukulele never seemed to catch on in other parts of the US, it became a very popular instrument in schools especially for kids in Canada and Japan. No matter what the song or what genre is being played, connections to the Islands are always made. Although I no longer play on a regular basis, I still grab it whenever I am going camping or to a function music will be played.


Ron's passion for his home is present in each image he creates. I especially love the way he surrounds many of his models with tree's, plants and foliage. You can also see his passion for shooting models from various cultures and backgrounds. Ron is clear though that although he uses art within his work the focus is to remain the model. His goal is not to take away, but to enhance, and he surrounds his models with beauty that is equal to their own.


Mahalo Ron Reyes for sharing your work with FH!

Keith Richard

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Michael Kosta


Jason JC Wang

Torey Suarez

Yasiel Fleites