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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 24th

Lee Mayson by GD Photoarts
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Speaking Your Mind

''Homosexuality was well known in the ancient world, well before Christ was born and Jesus never said a word about homosexuality. In all of his teachings about multiple things -– he never said that gay people should be condemned.'
Jimmy Carter

I have zero memories of Jimmy Carter as President, I as just a baby at the time. I do however remember his name, his time in office, being mocked by members of my family and the media. I think the first time I became politically aware was in high school, maybe at around 15 or 16. Before then, my head was kind of in the clouds, mostly playing out fantasy without a real focus on reality.

Ideally, politicians should tell the public what they believe, then voters decided who they most like and support. Instead, those running for office today, determine what people want to hear, then cater their views in an attempt to obtain the most support. I am not sure there are any current politicians being totally honest with voters, maybe it is not really possible. Rarely does someone actually say something that has not been exhaustively researched to determine public reaction.

I certainly have not agreed with everything Carter has said nor everything he has done. But my agreement is really not that important. What I do like about the man is that in a time when so many in the public eye try to please and appease us, more than actually respect us, his views are clear. Like them or hate them you know where he stands. The rarity of this today is frightening.

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Déjà vu: David by James Spada

Back in December of 2007, only a few months into my starting FH, when posts were heavy on images, light on text (nice, wasn't it), I did a short piece on a UK documentary which focused on the beauty of the male body. The film (which you can some of, in the original post HERE:) featured model James Taylor. James has a classic beauty, sort of Lady Chatterley like. You can almost picture him, running to escape the advances of a frisky Vicar, into a barn in one of those soft porn Edwardian and Victorian era movies.

The other day when I was checking out some of the new images from photographer James Spada, I came across a couple of his shots of David that had me instantly thinking back to that early post about James. I have been looking for a reason to feature more of James' for awhile now.

James Taylor

You can see why I saw a resemblance between James (above) and David (below) in some of James Spada's images.

By spadaphoto

Celebrity biographer, novelist and of course photographer James Spada featured David in his book Eye Candy. In Eye Candy, James wrote;

'David was an eighteen-year-old college freshman when I first laid eyes on him coming off a train at Boston's South Station. The first thing I thought was, He's adorable! During the shoot I marveled at his creamalicious skin and unruly shock of hair'

There is something completely irresistible about David, with his shaggy dark hair, beautiful eyes and skin. Like James Taylor in the documentary, he is a near perfect example of the beauty of the male form.

You can see more explicit shots of David, as well as dozens of new shots of FH favorite Quinn Christopher Jaxon on spadaphoto's ebay page where many images are available for purchase. Also look out next month for James' new book featuring his work with Quinn!

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spadaphoto on ModelMayhem

Favorites: Lee Mayson

I often regret putting the word 'hunks' in the title of this blog. It is rather a cheesey and I know it's inclusion has turned off a few models and artists when I write them and try to explain how serious and passionate I am about showcasing work I really love. I don't however regret using the word favorite. I don't have the time to waste putting effort into profiling any one's work that I don't truly love and doesn't in some way connect with me.

2 images above from Darren Brade

Sometimes you just get a feeling about someone and when I first saw shots of model Lee Mayson I just felt there was something special about him and his work. Many models take on a persona in front of the camera, almost a mask separating who they are from what the photographer and images are trying to convey. With Lee there is an realness, an honesty which comes through his facial expressions, and especially his eyes, in each of images.

Lee by G O D Photography

I was first drawn to Lee's images because of what I saw, the realness yes, but also a great body and face. Lee's appeal only got deepened as I began to put together the profile. After Lee checked out my blog he was honestly questioning if he fit in with the other 'hunks' I feature. Lee had been experiencing some rejection, with some photographers not feeling he was fit enough to shoot. This had Lee questioning whether he fit in with the other models I have featured. I have no idea what the photographer's who turned Lee down were looking for, but as you can see some of London's best photographers have created some incredible images with Lee.

Next three images from GD Photoarts

Lee has only been modeling for about 8 months and has already masked a large portfolio of work. It was difficult to narrow down what shots to pick but with exception of his work with Andrew Bowman, which I have saved for a future post, these are some of my favorites images.

Lee by Komar

Lee Mayson on ModelMayhem

Lee by Philip Crichton

Lee by 76 Imagery

Below: Lee by Bruce Denny
Bruce Denny on FH

Lee Mayson by Leigh Carter

When I first approached Lee about a profile I didn't know he had shot with another Leigh, photographer Leigh Carter. Leigh's work has appeared often on FH (Leigh Carter on FH) and his site, boy:gender is favorite place to visit.

Leigh tells me Lee won't be on boy:gender for a few weeks, but that leaves just enough time to head on over and get caught up with some of his recent additions, including two of my favorite shoots with Joey & Jonathan!

Leigh Carter Official Site:
Leigh Carter's boy:gender