Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Women I Love: Frances McDormand

Last year, actress Frances McDormand was labelled by the press as the grumpy-faced nominee. McDormand earned her crown, but I didn't see her so much as grumpy as I did inpatient. McDormand has been acting, on stage, on television and in film for decades, often to much acclaim. Yet, after those all those years, all those films and television roles, being something we are all supposed to strive to, being ourselves and being unique, is still not really embraced by Hollywood.

I give Meryl and Glenn and all the others who smile through award show after award show and red carpet after red carpet credit, but I were were walking the red carpet, especially after going on thirty plus years (with an Academy Award to boot...) I would be fairly grumpy too.

My favorite McDormand roles are of course Fargo, and Laurel Canyon. This year, I can add Olive Kitteridge to that list. If you haven't check out the HBO drama, I suggest you do. At four hours long, the first hour requires some, well patience, to get through. That first hour however, really lays the groundwork for the hours to follow. I especially loved the second part, Incoming Tide which involves some great scenes surrounding the wedding of Christopher (John Gallagher Jr.) as well as the return of Kevin (Cory Michael Smith).

Last week, during Canne's Women In Motion series, McDormand was interviewed by The Hollywood reporter. Various quotes have popped up on-line, but if you love McDormand, I suggested watching the entire interview on YouTube HERE: McDormand beautifully trashes the things that frustrate her about Hollywood while at the same time respecting the business she and her husband (Joel Coen) are a part of. It is fun to watch how skilfully she both praises and blasts the industry at the same time.

Cory Michael Smith in Olive Kitteridge

And given this is FH..... we need a hunky connection. Although I didn't stick with Gotham, I love me some Cory Michael Smith. Smith puts in a beautiful and haunting performance as Kevin in the mini-series second instalment. I only wish (which is what all characters should strive for) that we got to see more.

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