Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Translucence: Tyson Wilder by Ohm Photography

The physical property of allowing light to pass through a material diffusely

So often, photographs are measured by what the viewer is able to see. The colors, the background, the light and shadow and of course, the subject. When that subject is the male form, opinions are also formed based on the viewers personal feelings about a looks, their face and I would guess most often, their body. Although I feature many models and artists based on my own personal visual pleasure when viewing specific image, it is not my main criteria.

More than just what I am able to see on the surface, I am always fascinated by what some are artists are able to see beneath it. Some photographers masterfully capture form, magnificent images of the male physique and every part of their impressive bodies.

Other artists are able, and choose to go further. They utilize a models body, look and their ability to convey emotion. Through concept and pose, they bring out various aspects of a personality or have them create the emotion for the feel they are trying to achieve. Other artists seem able to use their camera and skill to capture translucency. There eye, and their camera acting as not only the barer of bodies, but the barer of souls.

One of the most important skill of any artist is the ability to reveal. The revealing isn't necessarily always about clothing. Clothes may cover a body, but they really don't have the power to conceal spirit or soul. I have seen many images of completely naked men with their penis front and center who really don't actually reveal anything. Other times, I have seen models, either covered partially or fully, who through an artist, expose so much more.

Every time I feature the work of Ohm Phanphiroj I am always struck by his ability to capture, and uncover what is concealed below the surface. So many art forms, especially film and literature, tend to focus on the relationships between people. Photography is an art form, and Ohm an artist, whose focus is on one person, and their relationship with themselves.

Within this set of images, model Tyler Wilder, although alone, seems to be sending a message out. Using the camera as almost a connector, Tyler seems to know exactly who might be watching. He beautifully uses to remind them of what might have been, and of what could still be. A taste of a memory that he longs to experience once again.

Ohm describes Tyler as an upcoming model, he not only photographed, but also manages. Currently, Ohm is developing his portfolio for bigger markets in NYC and Europe. Currently an undergrad student in his third year, Tyler's dream is to eventually become a veterinarian. Ohm says, 'Tyler is a sweet young man who is eager to make it big in modeling, and I hope he succeeds.'

Check out more of Ohm's work on his tumblr HERE:

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