Saturday, January 16, 2016

Closer: Cade by JDT Photography

'I live in Georgia, so finding a place to get naked usually isn't too big of a problem...'

The first time FH joined JDT Photography, as he shot series of beautifully naked Georgia men, was back in the spring of 2014. (The Spring Suspension) The passion for photography was already firmly embedded in the 24 year old photographer and JDT's Jesse shared that he continues to fall in love with shooting each and every day.

Cut to October of last fall, almost two years, and two FH pieces later. We're again by a body of water, still beautifully tranquil and peaceful. The only ripples come from Jesse's imagery, which had gone through some small, but striking transitions since our last trip to the lake. What first attracted me to Jesse's work was the magnificent way he incorporated and captured the beauty and lines of the male form with the surroundings all around them.

Jesse's work was always sensually erotic, but in the October piece, (Scott by JDT Photography) his work had taken on an additional level of intensity and intimacy. Jesse's skill and creativity has not altered, it was seductively there from beginning. Jesse's images have elegance and grace that makes his work all his own. The difference, in part is proximity.

It is not that Jesse's earlier work was more distant, it was more about point of view. At most concerts, or at the ballet, the visuals are extraordinary no matter where you're seated. Over time, Jesse has taken us from the balcony, to box seats to now, the view down in the front row. What's on stage may be the same, but being closer, the view is more intimate and intense.

The view is beautifully up close and personal in Jesse's shots of Cade. When looking up the meaning for the name Cade, the adjectives that came up were; solid and hard-working, industrious, gentle and round. Cade's incredible body is certainly solid, and he has a bountiful and perfectly round rear end. Cade seems a bit like a gentle giant, silent and strong with engaging and beautifully kind eyes. After enjoying Jesse's images of Cade, I can't wait to see who is going to slide into the water next.

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