Sunday, October 23, 2016

Ten: FaVorites, Andrew Bowman

Since first featuring his work with Lee Mayson back in 2012, Oxford's Andrew Bowman has been one of my favorite photographers to feature. Andrew beautifully captures both the personalities, while highlighting the physical features in the model's he shoots. Whether they're holding a bouquet of flowers, a snowball, chain, piece of sports equipment, or their own equipment...  Andrew Bowman never flinches when focusing his lens on the sexual appeal of the male form.


I love the color, props and fashion Andrew weaves within his work. Each model he shoots benefits from Andrew's creative touch to generate unique images for the portfolios. Andrew's FH pieces have been incredibly popular, especially Strapping. Andrew's images of Josh are on the most clicked on piece on the site.


Andrew Bowman on FH:



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