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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 26th

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Happy Birthday today June 26th

Happy 20th Aniversary to Batman and Robin and Happy 47th to Chris O'Donnell

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Just Do It...

Scene-Stealers: Liam Hemsworth in The Dressmaker

I love discovering movies I really should have known existed. I love Kate Winslet, I love Judy Davis and I love me some Liam Hemsworth. Yet, despite loving these three actors, I overlooked 2015's The Dressmaker. Thanks to my On Demand, and a summer flu bug, I had the chance to watch last week.

Having just seen Davis in Feud, it was great to see the talented actress in a role that couldn't be further than her turn as Hedda Hopper. It was also great to see Winslet in a great role worthy of her talent. Although I don't begrudge her the big budget salary, she is wasted in movies like Divergent. Liam is as hot as ever, but he also again brings in another winning performance.

The Hemsworth's get most of their attention due to their looks, well deserved, but Liam has also been choosing some roles in some interesting films. The Dressmaker is certainly an interesting, and entertaining film. Of course a gratuitous shirtless scene always helps, especially one where Tilly (Winslet) is measuring Teddy (Hemsworth) for a suit for an upcoming wedding.


Let The Weekend Begin! Yorgen by StudioMGPhotography

'Yorgen came to stay for a weekend. It was a spur of the moment trip squeezed in before his impending move from Arizona to Washington the following week...'

Yorgen's spur of the moment trip resulted in a weekend shoot which StudioMGPhotography has turned into a photo story documenting Yorgen's weekend visit to California. Most FH readers will vividly remember that I previewed a sampling of Yorgen's wet, wild and wondrous weekend with his naked car wash, which also featured images by photographer Mike Tossy, earlier this month. (Scrub Down)

'I had no trouble spotting this young stunner as he exited the airport terminal in a tight T-shirt and fashionably snug jeans. Standing nearly 6 feet tall, with a shock of blond hair and the most amazing eyes, he turns heads everywhere he goes, including the airport at 7am.'

Yorgen's Weekend Visit is available in both regular and deluxe hard-over versions HERE: as well as digital download found HERE:. Preview more on Blurb HERE:

The entire weekend was an adventure for Yorgen, who had previously mostly worked in studio. Shooting on the beach was an exciting experience as the waves pounded the shore. Studio MG's Mark didn't actually shoot for long with Yorgen on the beach, this was Mike Tossy's time to work with the Alaskan born model. But Mark stepped in and snapped some shots when Mike wasn't shooting, and Mike captured a few moments of them both hard at work. Thanks Mike for sharing the video!

IMG_6058 from TrevorB on Vimeo.

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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 25th

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Happy Birthday today June 25th

Jason for Guess, 1994

Happy 46th to Jason Lewis!

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Jason for NBC's Midnight Texas, 2016

Well Done Kate!

Actor, comedian and undeniable hottie, Matt Rife

Thar She Blows!

Some of you may have noticed that I have been 'blasting back to the past' a little bit more than usual over the last few months. There are a lot of sites that featuring clips and captures from new releases, but I like to find material that is not found elsewhere on the net. After featuring Neil Phelps in Sex, Lies and Renaissance earlier this year, I was on the hunt for lesser known older movies featuring a little male skin.

When searching for movies and actors that are lesser known, logically it means that there will be little out there to find. That usually means hunting down, and sometimes buying the movies to cap myself. Now, I had never heard of 1969's Thar She Blows! but when that title showed up during a search, I knew I had to find out more. The title itself had me laughing, and the poster had me hoping there might be more of the actor climbing up the ships mast after the 'she' that I assumed he was hoping to blow, or be blown by.

The actor in question is Alain Patrick, a man who looks as if he could be the love child of actor Helmut Berger and Edward Albert. There was very little about the actor on the net and most searches turned up material on Alain Delon and Alain Patrick. But... there was enough out there to have me intrigued. Like most soft core films from the 60's and 70's, most of the nudity comes from the women, but the director of Thar She Blows! was clearly aware of Patrick's appeal, and in his nude scenes, there is certainly an equal focus on his beautiful body and butt and there is on his female co-star.

This trailer for the 1968 film is @ six minutes long, but is uncencored and gives you a pretty good idea of the feel of the flick.

Thar She Blows! is about what you would expect, but there was enough of Alain to keep me interested, not to mention an especially brutal 'fish hooking' of one of his male co-stars. Alain went on to write and direct, and maybe known to some for his 1972 movie Blue Money about a French-Canadian who gets caught up in the adult film industry, trying to support his wife and baby. I have not had time to finish Blue Money yet, but did get a copy and there is a bit of more of Alain skin that I will share in a future post.


As Good As It Gets: Van by MaleVisionS Photography

'The first time I shot Van I thought his physique was about as good as you could get. But I was wrong. Five years later he looks incredible.'

The images featured here are from both of photographer Dan Nelson's (MaleVisionS) shoots with Van. Most of the color shots are from their first shoot, and the black and whites are primarily from their second shoot. If you look closely, the only differences are in Van's face, his body as Dan noted, looks incredible in both.

Van's physique comes from more than just hours and hours at the gym, but the time he puts into his passion for boxing and kickboxing. Van body is also a walking bill board for his work as both a personal trainer, and as a boxing and kickboxing instructor.

In order to achieve the incredible results you see, Van has trained in many disciplines including; Taekwondo, bodybuilding, power lifting as well as strength & conditioning. Van also practices Wing Chun, a Chinese martial art and form of self-defense utilising both striking and grappling while specializing in close range combat.

'Van's physique is almost as amazing as his personality. There is nothing phony about this guy. In some cases these gifted men can become somewhat Diva's during a shoot which I will put up with to a point but Van knows how to work the camera and also will take direction with a smile. He is a total professional. I hope others enjoy his work as much as I enjoyed shooting it.'

Dan captures Van in beautifully strong classical physique poses, along with blending in his own unique style and themes. If you search MaleVisionS on FH, you will see that I have featured the Arizona photographers work using many of the elements that he weaves within his imagery. From the plain white towel, to his use of various styles of modern and antique chairs, you can see, especially from the shot above, how skillfully Dan uses these elements to best spotlight the male form in front of his camera.

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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 23rd

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Happy Birthday today June 23th

Happy 37th to Steve Sandvoss!

The above image remains a classic! Steve, who now goes by Max Sandvoss, left acting in 2013 and now manages a farm along side his brother.

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'This book is the result of placing a very handsome male model in and around a gorgeous contemporary house over four days in the countryside of Mexico! If you enjoy handsome men and stunning residential architecture, you will love this book.'

Well... I do enjoy me some handsome men and stunning residential architecture, so I was thrilled to be able to feature some of photographer Gordon Nebeker's images of model Austin Wild (who is handsome embodied) earlier this year on the site. (True Paradise / Man About the House) Those February features were definitely a highlight but were only part of the photographic story of Gordon's recent trip to Mexico.

Gordon's Oh... Mexico is a hard bound scrapbook featuring incredibly beautiful visuals of Austin and his surroundings printed on high quality paper that has every color, and every inch of Austin pop vibrantly to life! There is no hurry to order, but if your interested, for the next few days Gordon is able to offer a 40% discount due to Blurb's current deal for their authors. If you want to get in on the deal, you can shoot me an e-mail, or leave a message on this post and I will connect you with Gordon for the savings! Check out a preview HERE:

Blast From The Past: Patrick Duffy

I am constantly reminded how as I get older, my tastes in men changes as I do. Today, when I was putting choosing who to feature for the birthday post, one of the actors I considered was Ted Shackelford who turns 71. Ted is best known for his role of Gary Ewing on the 80's prime time soap Knots Landing. I watched a bit of Knots when I was a kid, but I was more drawn to Dallas, the show that first introduced Gary and Valene as the parents of Southfork vixen Lucy Ewing.

Dallas was one of the shows my parents sat down to watch together, and given the show spanned 3 different decades, (70's/80's and 90's) it was a part of our families weekly routine for quite a few years. Although I don't remember much of the early years, I got caught up when the show aired on TNN, and through it's DVD releases. My mothers favorite character was definitely Bobby Ewing, played by actor Patrick Duffy. I liked Bobby, but I also found him a bit boring. Although I could see Duffy was handsome, he did nothing for me at the time I was originally watching.

Duffy with TV brother Gary (Ted Shackelford)

I do have a very specific memory of my mother, her sister and one of my female cousins having a lengthy discussion about Bobby in his speedo from the episode they had all watched the night before. I hadn't seen the episode, so snuck away to watch the Beta recording (yes, we had a Beta) the the previous nights episode. The memory was significant as it wasn't common to hear the female members of my family fawning over an actor's body.

With Lance Kerwin on a 70's celebrity sports special

A few months ago, a few old shots of Duffy showed up on Twitter that had me looking at him in an entire new light. The images (below) were of a shirtless Duffy posing with an extra, and with co-star Steve Kanaly on the Dallas set. Although he looks just as I remember, I had an entirely different reaction to Duffy... or maybe specifically to Duffy's incredible chest. It may be time to haul out those old DVD's and hunt down that old speedo scene.

Man From Atlantis

I believe this brief scene from 1984's Vamping was Duffy's only on-screen nude scene

Hanging out on the Dallas set.