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Friday, May 30, 2014

Looking Good Paul Pfeiffer!

Anyone who watched The Wonder Years remembers Paul Pfeiffer wasn't exactly the smooth one, the hot one, the lucky one. Well... things get better so they say and for Paul, and the actor who portrayed him, Josh Saviano, that seems to be the case. A recent reunion of the cast to celebrate the show finally arriving on DVD, shows Josh looking pretty mighty fine! The 38 year old actor, now lawyer, is all grown up, maybe ready to give Kevin a bit of competition for Winnie's affection!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Just Because: Oh Daddy?

Now I am not implying the image below had anything to do with Tatum's future struggles, but it certainly couldn't have helped... Just sayin! I came across the image (equally horrific and fabulous) while researching another story, but knew instantly it deserved one of it's very own.

Tatum and Ryan O'Neal were ahead of their time. Billy Ray and Miley, and Will Smith and family, may be today's most well known celebrity parent/child dysfunctional families, but they were far from the first! Tatum's struggles, and her relationship issues with her father, are well documented and have provided tabloid stories most of the last five decades. They even headlined a failed reality show on Own. Come on Oprah, The O'Neals? Lohan? Really, not two your best ideas...

In all honesty, I have never seen a Ryan O'Neal movie, although watching clips of Ali McGraw emoting in Love Story do make me giggle. Most of what I know is from what I read about his relationship with Farrah, none of which painted him in a favorable light. While researching images to accompany the father/daughter shot, I must say at one time he certainly was purdy!

Thanks to the recommendations of FH readers, I did finally see a Rock Hudson movie. I loved Magnificent Obsession, even though it was initially hard to get the image of Jane Wyman as that old crow from Falcon Crest out of my head. If anyone has any suggestions for a Ryan O'Neal movie to try, I welcome any suggestions!

Wild Rovers

Oliver's Story

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Blast From The Past: Mel Gibson in TIM

Despite the fact the bloom has long been off the Mel Gibson rose, I was still interested in catching a recent viewing of TIM on TCM. Regardless of what is now, what was then remains something wondrous to behold.

I had never seen 1979's Tim and was interested after having read a reviews of the film. After a sucky week, watching Mel mow the lawn and tend to Piper Laurie's garden in his denim short shorts, not to mention his frolic on the beach in his blue speedo, made for a passable two hours to spend on a Friday night. Enjoying Mel as the hunky Tim drew me in, enjoying the always incredible Piper Laurie caused me to stay. Funny also to think both Margaret White, and her daughter Carrie, both bedded Mr. Gibson in their movie careers. Mama Margaret would not be happy!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Blast From The Bast: Jack Coleman: The Dynasty Years

I was never really a watcher of Dynasty but growing up that did not stop me from becoming aware of it's male candy filled cast. Jeff Colby's furry chest, Dex Dexter's raw sexuality and blonde, blue eyed and bi-sexual, youngest brother Steven Carrington.

Above: Jack sandwiched between George Takei and Heroes co-star Zachary Quinto.

Although many most know Dynasty's second Steven, actor Jack Coleman from NBC's Heroes, or his recent stints on The Office and Scandal, Coleman got his start back in 1981 on the daytime soap Days Of Our Lives. When Dynasty's producers were looking to replace the gay, no straight, no gay, no straight brother Steven, Coleman's blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes won him the role.

Above: With Dynasty mama Joan Collins

Coleman was more traditionally 'pretty boy' than his predecessor, Al Corley but by then, the ABC Prime Time Soap seemed more interested in look than substance anyway and Coleman eventually won over the viewing audience with his portrayal of the character and that beautiful face of his. Coleman has been a fixture on network television since the show went off the air in 1988 and has appeared on a number of shows including The Vampire Diaries, Burn Notice and Castle. Dynasty's writers may have been bi-polar when writing Steven's sexuality, but the characters relationships were men were some of televisions first gay relationships (soapy and all) to be explored on a weekly basis on a major network drama.

Steven Carrington never had difficulty attracting the ladies, including Sammy Jo and Claudia.


Or the Gentlemen including Luke Fuller (William Campbell)

Or the overly eager eyes of brother Adam (below)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Time Travelers:

One of my favorite parts of the blog is putting together pieces for Blast From The Past. Hunks from the recent and distant past including Bo and Luke Duke, Trapper John's Gonzo and John Boy Walton just to start a very long list of hundreds of hunks from pop culture history I have covered. If you haven't journeyed back in awhile, maybe it's time for a trip.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Blast From The Past for February 5th: Ty Hardin

Thanks to some of my friends and many readers of FH, I am now officially over my previously held prejudices surrounding old movies, black and white films in particular. I cannot believe the times I wasted ignoring some of the most incredible films, and actors, I have been enjoying the last couple of years. Given my love of classic Circus films the highlight of TCM's January salute to Joan Crawford was last weeks airing of 1967's Berserk.

Ty with Diana Dors

Monica Rivers is the owner and ringmaster of a traveling circus, and she'll stop at nothing to draw bigger audiences. When a series of mysterious murders begins to occur and some of her performers die gruesomely, her profits soar!

Sounds good doesn't it? With Joan Crawford as Monica and my introduction to actor Ty Hardin as the handsome and muscular young man Monica hires to save the show, I was all in. Berserk, which also featured Diana Dors and Michael Gough, certainly wasn't the best Crawford film TCM aired during January, but it also wasn't her worst. The film earned points for it's title alone.

I hadn't heard of Ty Hardin before (so close to a great porn name) but I certainly ran him through the regular search engines after the viewing. Crawford was the movie's star, and Ty was there to provide the younger eye candy. Quite a sharp contrast to today when it is women who usually provide the eye candy for the older male stars. Ty seems a clear predecessor to male himbos of today such as Ashton Kutcher, Taylor Lautner and Matthew McConaughey before his career transformation. In the film to look pretty, take their shirts off and stand back and let the other actors worry about emoting.

It is not that Ty, who is still alive and kicking living in New York, was not a good actor, it was more his face, blonde hair and hard body were geared towards female fans at that time and felt enough to satisfy audiences of his films. You only need to check out his wardrobe (see below) in 1962's The Chapman Report to know what I mean.

Sadly my goggling also turned up some questionable work in the 70's with a fanatical right winged group, but given the actor was born in the 30's, raised in Texas and served in the Korean war, I will cut him some slack. That was also almost 40 years ago, so I will simply hope he has evolved and continue to seek out films where his amazing chest is on display.

The Chapman Report

Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Holiday Affair

Growing up in the 80's, I wasn't really that familiar with the work of actor Robert Mitchum. To me, he was the old dude in mini series like North & South and The Winds Of War. I remember hearing he was in the original Cape Fear, but don't really remember his cameo in the remake. He would never have been an actor, either because of looks, or his age, who I would have considered sexy.

Over this Holiday season however, I spent a couple of hours with Mr. Mitchum in the Christmas movie Holiday Affair. I had not seen, nor heard of the flick before but am happy I decided to give it a shot when it aired on TMC. Although a Christmas movie, the poster is correct in that the movie is hot! Mitchum exudes a powerful sexual energy, especially in his scenes with Janet Leigh.

I am surprised I had not heard of the 1949 movie before, especially given how hot Mitchum is in the role. It is not so much his looks, but his the characters has such confidence in everything he does, you just know for the get go he is going to end up with the woman he wants. I would highly recommend checking out this movie when it airs next Christmas, it was more than a pleasant holiday affair for me.