Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jay Duke by Jimmy Walsh

There is a certain feeling of calmness that takes over when you spend some time with the work of Jimmy Walsh. The beauty of Jimmy's work comes from many sources. Jimmy uses natural light when possible, even for his interior work. His use of shadow on skin as well as using a basic color palette often just with black, white and greys. Jimmy's work does not demand your attention, it quietly pulls you in like beautiful daydream.

Jimmy's eye for beauty most likely is connected to where he was raised.

"Born in Tasmania, Australia, I grew up surrounded by superb scenery. The island’s lush rain-forests, pristine coastlines, and spectacular mountains provided a rich array of subject matter for me to photograph. I have always felt a great affinity with the natural landscape.
In recent years I have found myself drawn to capturing the human form. I am driven to capture the purity of shape that I see in the body. For me, the natural progression has been to capture the human form integrated into natural surroundings. In years to come I hope to continue with this vision."

Jimmy Walsh

When I viewing some of Jimmy's work, his shoot with Jay Duke really grabbed me. Jimmy says the shoot was a collaborative effort between himself, Jay, Chad Wijayatilake. Chad's a hair and makeup artist with whom Jimmy has worked several times.

Jay is was in the final week of training for a body building competition so for this shoot they wanted to focus on capturing his physique as well as possible. Jay's also a rugby player so Jimmy says they chose to capture him as if he'd just played a game. "For this shoot I relied almost entirely on natural light. I like the way that natural light conveys a certain moodiness and rawness."

There is certainly a 'just after the game' feel to the shoot which I love. Thanks Jimmy and Jay for sharing your work with FH!

To see more of Jimmy's work check out his MM Page HERE: and his site HERE:


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