Sunday, June 5, 2011

Entirely For Fun: Jacob Authier by YogaBear Studio

26 year old Jacob Authier describes himself as 'a bohemian gentleman with gypsy tendencies'. Bohemians are often described using terms such as artistic, unorthodox, wanderers, adventurers and of course associated with free love. Bohemians are also elemental (fundamental or essential, inborn). Elemental is also a core theme of the work of David Gray from YogaBear Studio. David's first book focused on this theme and was titled Elementals: Celebrating the elemental spirit of man.

For David Gray, elemental simply means natural. Men who are not overly primped and chiseled, hair is a must both on the body and the face. What was fascinating to me in going through David's impressive portfolio is how different each man looks when shooting them as they naturally appear. Sometimes models today are so manscaped, with identical hair lengths and cuts they often look so similar with the special qualities that make them unique photoshopped away. When selecting models and artists to feature on FH I try to look for things unique and different. It is for this reason I am happy to feature David's work. There are men on David's site I normally would not think of as attractive who become, though his lens, beautiful and intensely sexy.

'I found Jacob Authier on Model Mayhem--he had some very dynamic photos on his profile. We met at San Onofre beach for the shoot, back when it was still a nude beach, and spent an hour or two taking photos. It was a great collaboration--he had some great ideas about poses, and the beach, of course, is an amazing location to show him off.'

David says he takes photos entirely for fun, and enjoys working with all sorts of men.

'Most of my work is classic portrait and physique photography, but I'm also working on several special projects, including a series of naked yoga images and an series exploring masculine stereotypes.'

You can check out much more of David's work by checking out his official site filled with hundreds of his shoots and images HERE:


JiEL said...

He is a splendid man.

I love his «normal» beauty..

Nice pics my friend..

CHEERS and have a nice Sunday

Terry said...

Wish I had been on that beach that day!

Anonymous said...

so nice to see a younger guy with natural pubes and the beard shows off the square jawline beautifully