Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Own Backyard: DW Chase by AU Fotografia

Ever since first seeing shots of DW Chase he and his work have been a regular fixture on FH. DW has such an incredibly sexy and unique look and transforms himself with each shoot and each photographer he works with.

My first profiles of DW were of his work with EV Dylan. (DW Chase by Ev Dylan / The Preeminent) Ev and DW have worked together countless times over the past few years and have a huge body of breathtaking work. Most recently I featured a Pic of the day of DW by another favorite of mine to feature, photographer David Wagner. More of DW's work with David was featured earlier this month on OhLaLa Mag, check it out HERE:

DW has traveled around the globe for his work but one of his most recent shoots took place in his home town of Galveston, Texas. DW and fellow Texan fashion and culture photographer AU Fotografia recently for this shoot proving DW looks as incredible in a bow tie as he does in a bathing suit.

'Photographer AU Fotografia had asked work with me about a year ago, originally we didn't have anything specific planned. So time rolled around and we began working on ideas. One of which you see here included these very interesting cotton sock like material for underwear that he picked up on a trip in Asia. I am always a sucker for cool and interesting underwear. It hadn't rained in Galveston for a few months, but of course the day of the planned shoot we got steady rain, which we needed. Both of us, dedicated to the shoot, just shot in the rain which gave a pretty cool effect to the pictures. The rain did empty the beach of people, which made it easier for me to change outfits.

The fashion segment of the shoot is certainly different for me and all the styling and looks were provided by the photographer. The fashion stuff is difficult for me because I am so used to being conscious about flexing and body movement, I almost didn't know what to do. While I get the opportunity to model all over, its always nice to get to model in what was essentially my own backyard.'

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I LOVE his hair longer, but DW is alway HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!