Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Raymond Meza: 'I sell SEX!'

Collaboration is essential in almost any job, any task and most certainly any art form. Visions however, although created and completed by many, always begin with just one person. within his work, Raymond Meza is that person. The photographer believes that a models job is to be the canvas and the great models are able to take on any form of art.

'I sell SEX... its pretty much in all my work. whether i have you dripping in tar or wrapped in freezing water.'

Below: Austin Uku

At just 23, Raymond is clear what his vision is but instead of long explanations as to what that is, he prefers to let the work speak for himself. To me, Ray's work taps into something the best chroniclers of erotica and sensuality instinctively know. Without a penis in sight, Raymond uses his creativity, his imagination to tap into small moments, ones we call can identify with, to create the sexual energy within his images.

Below: Cameron Brett

Check out more of Raymond's work on MM HERE: & see more of his work on his Facebook Page HERE:

Below: Charles Montreuil

Below: Christopher Perry & Nick William Taylor

Below: Mike Jessie

Below: John Castelo


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Jason Fulton said...

The couples shots are spectaular.

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Mike Bates said...

i saw this on his modelmayhem page, a link to here. his new stuff is prettier. just saying