Sunday, February 19, 2012

Magazine Feature Of The Day:

I love Trevor Donovan, love his wit, love his intellegence and humour and oh...and in this pic I love pretty much everything! Now, I don't quite love him quite enough to watch 90210 (is it worth it???) but when I saw this shot on tumblr for the March 2012 UK edition of Cosmo, I could not wait for a larger, un-watermarked copy to post.

From the Cosmo Site:

Cosmo: Hi Trevor. you look incredible in this month's Cosmo. Do you get shy about taking your clothes off?

Trevor: Look at my picture in Cosmo... my answer is no.


Brent said...

Trevor Donovan has a nice ass to touch and look and have fun!

yagtaluda said...

Why would Trevor be shy? If I looked that good, I'd be showing it off all over the place.

Chubbear426 said...

Tye, you need to see his "naked" pics from a recent US Weekly