Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Operatic: Jessie Lee by Jay Plogman

'After being to inspired to live a healthier life and mold my own body and physique as a work of art, I hope to inspire more people to live a fit and healthy life. Another goal is to represent Asian male models in a more masculine light, which isn't seen as often as some other ethnic groups. I also hope to help increase the demand for Asian male photography, as well as inspiring Asian males to be comfortable with their body enough to do fitness modeling themselves.'
Jessie Lee


In his book, 'On a Bed of Rice', novelist and UCLA professor Russell Leong chronicles many of the racist myths and assumptions that surround Asian American men, 'smaller stature ... smaller eyes -- and less sexual and erotic drive'. Leong goes on to detail how these stereotypes have stalled the development and acceptance of Asian men as full erotic beings. For the life of me I have never understood this stereotype. My experience with Asian men has always been just the opposite. Whenever I have profiled a model of Asian decent on FH, the imagery is often close to Operatic, dramatic, theatrical and intensely sexual. Maybe it comes from having to work harder, or maybe it comes from within.

28 year old Maryland model Jessie Lee is the epitome of masculine sexuality. Strong, lean, muscular and highly sensual in both body movement and facial expression. I often wonder if the issue is really not with Asian men, but with American. There has always seemed a North American obsession with a John Wayne type archetypal definition of masculinity. Arnold, Sly or Bruce Willis holding an Uzi, slaughtering any and everyone who gets in their way. For the most part, these fictional characters also tend to be selfish egomaniacs whom thankfully society seems to be embracing less and less.

I love everything about this series of Jessie by Cincinnati photographer Jay Plogman. Every frame, every pose, is heightened and erotic. The location, especially the brilliant staircase, provides the perfect stage to showcase Jessie as well as Jay's incredible imagery.

'Jay and I had 2 separate shoots. The first time was in Baltimore, MD. The second shoot was near NYC, one of the train stops in NJ just over the river. I went up to NYC to shoot with him because it's relatively simple to travel between NYC and DC, but also enjoyed a nice and fun vacation during my visit. Most of the shoot took place at his friend's house where he was staying, which was a very nice place. We also walked around the local area from some outdoor photos before I had to leave for home. Jay was really fun to work with. He's nice, funny, and very respectful.He is a great photographer, and I really enjoyed working with him.'
Jessie Lee

Three For Lee:

-Doing a semi nude seems to be something most models have to decide at one point whether they are going to do. Was this a difficult decision and what factors came into play?

'Well, I did do some nude dancing at night clubs, where nude male dancers were allowed. So I pretty much thought that I have nothing more to hide when it comes to my body. Besides, I get tired of hearing "You have a big dick for an Asian." when I'm pretty sure they've hardly seen any Asian dicks.'

-If you ever got a magazine cover, what magazine would best represent who you.

'I am really unsure what would best represent me. I am normally nice and honest, but I'm also a smart aleck (aka smart ass), and my personality is much more complicated than that. But yeah, a fitness magazine is much more my kind of thing, I suppose.'

-Given your goal to represent Asian male models in a more masculine light, is there anything, or any type of photo you would not do?

'Try not to put me in a dress or heels, and I might not have to kill you. :-P'

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