Thursday, June 13, 2013

From Now On...You'll Be Known As Raditty

'These two images are from my first photo shoot ever and it was in high school when I was a sophomore. I was not really interested in modeling but I started noticing that I really like posing and getting my picture taken. Ingrid Johansen, a photographer, and a really good high school friend of mine, took these pics.'

Images above from Ingrid Johansen

There are several ways in which I find the subjects that I profile on the blog.   Because the theme of FH is favorite, the people whose stories I want to tell, and whose images I want to share, are the people who peak my interest and whose work triggers something in me visually and also usually emotionally. 

3 Images below from LucidPic Photography
I generally feel that if I like this person, many of the readers of the blog will as well. I often pass on profiling well known, or frequently posted about models, as in many cases, their stories have already been told. Unless I can say something new, or uncover something, or someone, not familiar to most, my interest is minimal. I first came across Radomir, (Raditty) when researching the work of a photographer I was interviewing last year. There was something about Raditty that instantly caught my eye. I bookmarked his ModelMayhem page, and 'liked' his facebook page so I could contact him about a future piece on the blog.

Over the last month or so, through his facebook page, Raditty indirectly started telling me it was time to get in touch. Every few days there was a new image, usually along with a funny quote. I was really most interested, and impressed, with how much fun Raditty seemed to be having with the process. So many male models seem so bloody serious. Worried about perception and so serious that every image feels like they are fighting hard to hold in a bowel movement or something. Raditty just seem to enjoy it and was obviously having a blast with having his picture taken.

Some models that I contact, seem almost put out that others might enjoy their work. It is as if they are surprised the images they themselves posted on a public site have been seen. Many really don't seem to be enjoying the work, let alone the process and act like they have been somehow forced in front of the camera and to join a site like facebook or ModelMayhem to market themselves. Raditty's joy in the process was evident, and also infectious. I knew I wouldn't be alone in wanting to get to know a bit more about him. I had to of course begin, by first asking about the origin of his name....

Next three images via Mike Tossy

 'My name is Radomir, or Rad for short. I'm from former Yugoslavia and came to the States 11 years ago. I'm currently in college working on my BA in Biology. I have always loved animals so after I get my BA I'll eventually go to Vet school. I am also a musician I write my own music and I sing, rap, and act.I got the Raditty from my best friend Darius. When I was in high school I used to freestyle and rap to myself and only he kind of knew. One day he comes up and says "from now on you'll be known as Raditty"

Getting Started:
'I decided to give modeling a chance when I was a junior in high school, my photography teacher actually encouraged me to try it, she kept using me as a model in our class and she kind of pushed me to try modeling. I asked my teacher to take some photos of me so I could post them on Model Mayhem.'

ModelMayhem Horror Stories:

'Oh God I had a lot of pervs hitting me up. I got at least 30 porn offers... I recently got contacted by a photographer who works for Andrew Christian and he wanted to fly me out to a different State and work with me. He made a bunch of promises on how he could get me a job with AC but he will need to do a test shoot. That all sounded fantastic to me until the guy started texting me these weird messages about how he dreams about me and how I will need to do some things for him if I want to model for AC. I got really creeped out and I told him not to contact me again.'

Next four images from NICKET
'One thing that I learned about MM is you really have to be careful about working with somebody. I usually talk to other models the photographer worked with and I get to know the photographer before working with them.'

To take it all off, or not?

'I don't shoot nudes but I am also not opposed to them if they are taken by a really well known photographer. I wouldn't want to shoot nudes for a photographer that will keep them for his personal collection, I would want them to be published as works of art. I feel like many male models are pressured to shoot nudes because everyone does it so its kind of the norm and its expected of them. Sadly most of these nude shoots make the model look really cheap and not serious about modeling.'

Positive Experience's:

NETraulsen: It was a pleasure working with him, I will be doing a beach themed shoot with him sometime soon maybe this week if I start feeling better from my fever or next week!

Mike Tossy: He's a really nice guy I loved working with him, I cant wait to work with him again.

Lucidpic: Fantastic photographer, I had a great time working with him.

Last 3 images from Zedneram

He is an awesome guy. He puts 0 pressure on the model and he makes you feel really comfortable. He is also a fantastic photographer! I cant wait to work with him again.

Ultimate Goal:
'I would definitely like to make money with modeling and move into acting. I also hope that it would make me well known enough so that more people can check out my music.'

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