Sunday, March 16, 2014

TimeTraveler: Dominic Orten by Eros 3000

'I build of each models personality and their vibe and treat each photo shoot as if it were a mini movie, creating story boards and doing research for costumes, props and locations.'

When I first profiled the work Indianapolis photographer Eros 3000 back in 2010, it was the creation of these 'mini movies' that visually sparked both my erotic senses and fantasy's and imagination. His images always take me back to when I would watch old movies or television shows as a kid. Often there would be a scene depicting the back lots of old Hollywood studios and there would always be extras walking through sound stages dressed as police officers, soldiers, gladiators and the odd showgirl or two. Through costume, and movie magic, actors were turned into time travelers, inhabiting the lives of historical figures, heroes and men whose lives were worthy of documenting in novels and on the big screen.

I can't think of anyone more perfect than Dominic Orten to inhabit and represent these memorable historical figures. The 25 year old Indiana model brings a strong intensity mixed with a dramatic flare and powerfully raw and unabashed sexuality to his work in front of the camera. Together, Dominic and Eros 3000 create incredible images, full of live and color bringing each of the men portrayed, beautifully to life.

Dominic's comfortability in front of the camera comes from hard work and experience as well as a down to earth and relaxed attitude which he brings to his work. Dominic loves to have fun and joke, but knows that when shooting, professionalism is first; being on time, being ready and giving all he has. Dominic began dancing and stripping in 2010 and especially loves working the pole. Dominic knows how to utilize his body best in front of the camera and through pose and movement is able to create exactly what the photographer is looking for.

A few Words on shooting with Eros-
'It was my very first photo shoot! Eros made it very comfortable and relaxing, He has a wonderful sense of humor, and very open to suggestions about poses, costumes, and different concepts. Love working with him :)'

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