Saturday, March 21, 2015

Figure Study: Isaac by macpics

I saw my first image of Isaac, the photo above taken by Ian from macpics, last December. There was something about the image that stuck with me and had me wanting to see and learn more. Isaac has such a great face with such expressive eyes, not to mention his amazing hair. There was something both modern, yet distinctly classic and timeless about the pose and angle which Ian captured.

Isaac has a bit of a 60's or 70's vibe. It is not just his beautiful shaggy blonde hair but there is also a carefree, almost spiritual feel about him. His look, along with the colors and poses Ian captured, reminded me of a blend of classic Renaissance sculpture mixed with 1950's physique photography. The visual combination, especially with the deep red contrasting Isaac hair, skin and the white of the fabric, create a series of striking visuals.

I intimately got in touch with Ian and Isaac and both were on board for a feature on the blog. Ian shares that the theme for the shoot came when he was checking out Isaac's portfolio before their shoot and one of the images of Isaac's he saw reminded him of Michelangelo's David. He then got the idea to shoot Isaac using classical statues as the inspiration for set-up and pose.

The 23 year old Melbourne Australia model says working with Ian, and recreating the classic statues was an interesting experience a lot of fun. Isaac reports that Ian brought along a few example shots and the worked with them to develop each shot and pose. Isaac has spent years working out, and experimenting with different eating plans to transform his body to look as he does today. 'It was rather flattering to be stylised as David, really!'

'Isaac was great to work with, cooperative and easy-going. He took an active part in creating poses and didn't just let me direct him. If he felt that he could do this or that better where the pose was concerned, he did, and he was the one who turned the white material into a loin-cloth. I'd never thought of doing that way, although I've tried to do something like it with other models!'

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