Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Raditty In Red by NICKET

'When I was in high school I used to freestyle and rap to myself and only he kind of knew. One day he comes up and says "from now on you'll be known as Raditty".

It was two years ago, in June of 2013 that I first featured the images of 21 year old San Francisco model Raditty (From Now On...)  Radomir, now known as Raditty, has such an engaging presence in front of the camera; energetic and playful and impishly sexy. I am not sure how often impishly sexy is used to describe a model, but with Raditty it is definitely a high compliment!

The first time I featured Raditty on FH, I included a several of my favorite images from his work with NICKET. Last month I was fortunate to again be able to feature imagery from NICKET in Free Like A Bee...  NICKET's work with Zach Clemons proved to be one of May's most popular posts!

Nicholas (NICKET) has shot Raditty a couple of times, and there was a wonderfully massive selection of great images to choose from. This beach session, Raditty in Red, stood out to me as deserving their own focus. This was the second time artist and model had worked together and Nicholas reports it was Raditty who recommended this particular beach as it was his usual place to go sunbathe. Nicholas likes to support models with bringing their own clothes they love to wear to use with shoots.

'It worked out great with Raditty, besides all his swimwear he also brought along this nice red fabric that went with his shoes and swimwear. I was not quite sure how it would look but then Raditty just started going for it with a nice streamer effect, then the red turban look and finally just the matching fabric and shoes.'

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