Friday, October 16, 2015

Show Me Some Skin

This month, FH begins it's 9th year on-line. I began the blog as a creative outlet, and as a way to share images and promote the work of my favorite artists, models and entertainers. In the past 8 years I have had many requests to put ads on the blog. I have always resisted. I was never really concerned about making money and wanted the blog to be for pleasure, not income. This has not changed. But... sometimes life's circumstances do change, but am entering into a new phase of my life this year career wise and felt the time had come to put a donate button on the blog. I promise not to become PBS, and drive you crazy with pledge pleas and will put the donate link to the bottom of the page with only a mention of it once or twice a year.

I believe over the last eight years FH has become one of the best showcases for artists focused on the male form currently on-line. I work hard to present work in a respectful, detailed and fun way and am proud of the calibre of artists who trust me to feature their imagery. I have been lucky to have many artists contribute and share their work again and again and a quick click on the pic of the day, photographer or male model links (below) will take you through hundreds of pages of the best of the best of photographers shooting the male form. I also work hard to surround these features with other fun, current and entertainment focused content to ensure viewers want to come back and join their favorite hunks day after day. If you have an extra buck or two it would be welcome, but if you don't that's equally cool. FH has become a great way for me to squeeze in a creative outlet between the trials of professional and personal obstacles that we all must deal with every day. Working on the blog provides a bit of release for me, and I hope it does the same thing for each of you now and then.

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