Monday, February 6, 2017

Visual Explorations: Kevin by NICKET

'I enjoy outdoor shoots with the ability to explore such a beautiful and varied landscape. My goal on a photo shoot is to both create beautiful portraits that capture the subject and to have a good time.'
Nicholas, NICKET

Although I have featured some of NICKET's studio shots in the past, this series with Kevin, confirmed for me that those beautiful and varied landscapes, are just an important to the California photographers enjoyment of his work. In the past, I have had the pleasure to join, virtually, Nicholas as he explored some of the most beautiful area's surrounding his home city of Santa Cruz.

NICKET's shoots seem almost like day long adventures, taking off for a day full of visual creation and geographical exploration. FH has been fortunate to join NICKET during his shoots of Zach Clemens, Gabriel Mata, Raditty and other models on streets and in fields, on rocks and along rivers and most often on the beach. One of my favorite locations was the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, which made an incredible background in the first piece featuring Nicholas' work with Gabriel.

This adventure, and these shoots of the handsome and hard bodied Kevin, come from three different shoots. Kevin clearly puts the time and energy into maintaining his physique and his chest, stomach and arms are especially impressive, not to mention incredibly sexy. Kevin also seems keenly aware of just the right poses to show off all his hard work at the gym.

A teacher of photography, Nicholas understands the importance of putting the models he shoots in as many situations, locations and looks as possible. Although completely naked is often part of favorite look for many, Nicholas also understands, clothes, are often a much more important element in showing off a model's body. Although I am aware many readers want to 'see the goods,' sometimes the goods take away from the hard work and passion fitness models put into other parts of their body.

For his three shoot with Kevin, Nicholas again used location, and a healthy variety of different colors and styles of underwear, to capture a wide range of looks, all spotlighting Kevin great body and look. Two of my favorites are the shots below of Kevin in the red boxer brief's, especially the first shot, capturing Kevin's beautiful smile.

Although healthy living, and working out are passions for Kevin, he is still a little shy about too much exposure. Having worked at Abercrombie & Fitch, Kevin was used to not wearing a shirt, working without pants was still a new experience for him. Although Kevin got more comfortable with showing more skin each time they shot, Nicholas was careful to respect Kevin's comfort level, especially while shooting out on location.

'Working with Kevin was a great experience. He definitely has the right look! His dedication and hard work at the gym are clearly paying off and he is starting to enjoy showing off the results of all that work.'

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