Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

I am heading out for New Years now, although might not be out long given the snow blowing around out there! Just wanted to wish all the readers of blog a wonderful evening and a safe and happy 2008. Hope you all continue to enjoy the blog next year. Thanks!

Favorite Hunks New Years CountDown: PAUSE SCENES FROM THE 80'S

New Years is a time for thinking back. It is also a time for countdowns. I decided instead of looking at the past year, I would look at my first year, my first year with the internet. It was a great year! It was the mid nineties, and I finally could afford a computer. It was amazing to discover actual pictures of nude scenes I had loved through the last decade.

This is a list of scenes from the eighties, all of which I know you have seen many times, but which hold a special place in my heart. These are the scenes that got my Pause, FF and REW button the most use on my old vhs machine. These are the scenes from the 80's that I first searched for on the net and saved in folders. These are the movies, I now have on DVD, but which I hated to part with the old VHS copies I overused so much. These are the scenes I played when spending ‘alone time’. All the guys are a bit older, some a bit bigger. Some I still love, some I wonder where they are at and some I wonder what I was thinking. Some like Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson I no longer hold a torch for due to their public lives, but I shall not forget the pleasure they gave me in 80's.

I post every day, and love doing it, but would love people to finally use the comment button and share with me the scenes that you hold dear.

Here is looking back to what I call my favorite Pause scenes from the 80's.

I capped most of the pics below, but thank the cappers who from whom I used, and for opening up the world of capping to me, and posting so many great images which have inspired me.

#11 Rob Lowe in About Last Night

Rob Lowe in About Last Night: 1986
I think studio's must have put in Lowe's contract that he must show his ass once per film. He was good looking yet, but usually out acted in his movies. In this one his male co-star was Jim Belushi, so he shown...Lowe has gotten better in the acting department, and still hot.

#10 Barry Tubb in Warm Summer Rain

Barry Tubb in Warm Summer Rain 1989
Barry Tubb was such a cutie, and was shocked to see him show it all in this small film. I had fond memories of this film, yet never owned it until its recent DVD release.

#9 Patrick Swayze in Roadhouse

Patrick Swayze in Road House: 1989
If there were an award for best acting by an ass, Swayze would have won it in 1989.

#8 Tom Cruise in All The Right Moves

Tom Cruise in All The Right Moves: 1983
I Loved Tom Cruise in this movie, his acting, his look, his ass, his back, the glipse I am sure he wishes he had not done. Great movie too.

#7 Patrick Dempsey in Some Girls

Patrick Dempsey in Some Girls 1988

Must be a grower...

#6 Richard Gere in American Gigolo

Richard Gere: American Gigolo 1980
Took me awhile to see this flick as I was too young when it first came out. I had built it up in my mind and was a bit disappointed. Not sure if I expected 2 hours of Gere nudity, but still a hot scene.

#5 Mel Giblson in Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon: 1987

Gibson currently turns me off, but this scene did the opposite.

#4 Richard Gere in Breathless

Richard Gere in Breathless: 1983
I really had no idea what was going on in this movie, and really did not care. I spent hours trying to pause just right to get a clear view!

#3 Christopher Atkins in A Night in Heaven

A Night In Heaven: 1983. Horrible movie, but with a glipse of Christopher Atkins penis, I rented it over and over.

Bonus Scene: This scene near the end of the movie was so hot, yet hard to watch due to Atkins acting which was cringe worthy.

#2 Christopher Atkins in The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon: 1980

This cap and this movie launced a million dreams for me! Thanks to those who capped Mr. Aktins before I was able!

#1 The shower Scene in Best Little Whore House in Texas

I really wore out this tape!!!

Pause Award Trilogy! The Porky's Series.

Yes the scene in the woods house was classic, but I loved Wyatt Knight as Tommy. Loved when he was getting his penis pulled in the girls shower, or having clothes pulled off in Porky's 3. Here's to Wyatt and all the rest of the Porky's guys.

Bonus Wyatt from Porky's 3.

A few moments.