Saturday, August 9, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 9th

Favorite Birthday Boy #3 for Augustt 9th Eric Bana

I have always loved Eric Bana, but I did not know he had that body until Troy! Eric turns 40 today.

Favorite Sports Guy of the Day: Liam Tancock

Lovin Liam Tancock, a British swimmer, known for his backstroke.

Favorite Actor of the Day: Matthew Goode

I have admired Matthew Goode's work for awhile now. Currently onscreen in Brideshed Revisited, I first saw Matthew in Chasing Liberty. I am looking forward to him taking on the role of Ozymandias in the upcoming Watchmen Movie. Cute as hell and a great actor to boot!

Matthew in 'The Lookout'

Matthew in 'Al sur de Granada'

(Thanks to Perhaps for the video download).