Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Look Back At Mischief

My look back at the 80's made me remember lots of flicks I loved from the era, some I am still trying to track down on DVD. I enjoyed Mischief from 1985. Mischief starred Doug McKeon, Kelly Preston, Catherine Mary Stuart and a new actor named Chris Nash. Also showing up was Jami Gertz, who it seemed like was in every movie in the 80's. I enjoyed the movie, and especially the brief shot of McKeon's cute behind. Here are a few pics from Mischief.

Chris Nash as Gene

It was difficult to find much out about Chris Nash, who played the 'James Dean' type character in the flick. It looked like he might break out to hearthrob status, but it never happened. He did a few more acting roles, but has not acted in a decade with his last appearance a decade ago guesting on Profiler.

Doug McKeon as Jonathan

Doug McKeon was/is a cutie, and so great in On Golden Pond. Doug is still acting as well as writing and directing.

Favorite Male Model of the Day: Michael Churchill

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Favorite Birthday Guys for January 1st

Rugby hottie Michael Witt turns 23 today.

Actor James McAvoy turns 29 today.
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Model Andres Velencoso Segura turns 30 today.
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Model Chris Oprysk turns 30 today.