Monday, December 25, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 25th

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Snow Stopper: ❄️

What is Christmas with no snow 
No white Christmas with no snow

Just like the gang getting off the train in White Christmas, the sites this holiday for most of us are green, with plenty of brown.  As the tell us on the news, the good part of a green Christmas is how safe it will be for all those driving to Christmas dinners, family gatherings, parties and of course the mall. I don't really mind a green Christmas, we had quite a bit of snow earlier in the month, and where I live, I know we'll get our fill in January, February, March and even April.

A lack of snow made it a little more comfortable when Luke headed out this weekend to snap a few shots for FH in his new Santa hat and pants.  Luke was also out shooting earlier in December and managed to capture some snow shots before the rain, and the rising temperatures, melted it away.  I'll save those for after Christmas, when the snow and bitter cold returns. 

It's a good thing that the animated Frostyarrived in the 60's.  If he'd waited much longer, he'd never have made it to the village, or been runnin' here and there all around that Christmas square.  Well climate change aside, I hope not matter what you see when you look outside, whether it's green, white, brown or purple you have a safe, peaceful and joyous 25th and all the days thereafter. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Movie?

' It's Christmas Eve In L.A. And The Party Action's About To Explode... On The Fortieth Floor!

Every Christmas, the same question comes up, at least on social media.  Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?  The answer, really is a personal one, if you watch it over the Christmas holidays, for you, it's a Christmas movie.  People watch all kinds of things when they have time off.  Some people avoid Christmas movies and marathon The Lord of The Rings or Star Wars over Christmas.  Some watch old Twilight Zone episodes.  Whatever brings them joy.

For me, as much as I love the 1988 action thriller, it's not really a Christmas film, not in the traditional sense anyway.  There has to be a certain sentimentality and holiday spirit in a Christmas film.  It's not the subject matter, I consider Black Christmas a Christmas movie, but it's the retro Christmas vibes that has me putting it on Christmas side of the list.  Die Hard is set on Christmas Eve and even has a few holiday songs, but the overall tone and feel does not scream Christmas to me.  

I did however, re-watch last week as part of researching my Christmas Day 12 Days post.  I figured with all those hot actors taking over Nakatomi Plaza, there might be one to feature.  I didn't want to feature Bruce Willis this year, I've uncovered his nude scenes before.  Alan Rickman?  Alexander Godunov?  Reginald VelJohnson?  Nah... 

I think I knew going in that my choice was going to be actor Hart Bochner who played Harry Ellis in the film.  I've wanted to feature Hart for awhile, and his role as Holly Gennaro's sleezy, coke snorting co-workers is one of Bochner's most high profile roles.

Although Bochner often played the hot leading man, he was perfect in this role, supporting yes, but also a stand out, especially in the first half of the film.  With all those muscled mad men running around, we needed a little comic relief in between all the Christmas killings.  Spoiler alert, things don't end well for Harry, who can't keep his coked up mouth shut even well being held hostage. 

Hart doesn't have a long 'nudity' resume, in fact, I'm not sure he really has any at all.  He does however, have a lot of hot, shirtless scenes over the course of his career.  Check out some of my favorites, including a 'nude' scene, that I suspect is a body double, on the NEXT PAGE HERE: & HERE:

'Hey babe, I negotiate million dollar deals for breakfast. I think I can handle this Eurotrash. Hey, sprechen ze talk, huh?'

Holiday Hunk Habituals: Josh by Lights On Studio

Many who check out FH on a regular basis know how much I love ritual and tradition.  Every year I think of changing up or modernizing the layout and format, but then, fall back to my habitual way of posting.  I especially hold on to traditions at Christmas.  Although I've done holiday posts for many years, since 2015, every Christmas has included the work of photographers Gordon Nebeker and Tom Nakielski from Lights On Studio

As any of you know, this year, Tom had to stop shooting due to health and mobility issues.  It was difficult for us both, but especially for Tom, who found himself unable to continue the career and passion he's devoted himself to for decades.  Tom has spent most of his life in a studio, even opening his own photography studio and processing film and prints.  He did senor pictures, family photos, weddings, pets and Christmas portraits.  The studio quickly took off and before long, Tom had to hire a small staff to meet the studio's demands.

Tom wanted to continue, and even did a Scream themed Halloween shoot in his living room for the site.
Given the shoot went well, Tom thought he might be able to venture back in the studio for a Christmas themed session.  He and I tossed around ideas and settled on a Santa spanking his naughty elf.  The idea inspired my 'naughty' themed posts yesterday.  

The idea arose for two reasons.  One, we liked the concept, and two, Tom could use model Hansel Wellington as Santa.  Given their long history of collaborating together, having Hansel involved would ensure Tom had someone around to assist and do the 'heavy lifting.'  As December grew closer however, Tom realized he wouldn't be physically up to returning back in the studio.  

Coincidently,  last week there was piece on our local news about how many people are struggling this year with giving up Christmas traditions.  Given inflation, and the state of our economy, many have had to make changes in how they celebrate.  Buying less, not having a party, or fewer people over to dinner.  Changes in what food and decorations are bought and utilized.  One of the biggest things people were struggling with was the Christmas meal.

Many families who always bought a large turkey for Christmas dinner were this year buying a chicken, or making a lasagna, or alternative or cheaper food alternative.  There were parents interviewed who spoke of how hard it was to tell their children they wouldn't be getting as much this year, or that they wouldn't be having the big turkey dinner they were used to.

This had me thinking that traditions were never really meant to be permanent, but improvised to meet the needs of a particular time and place.  Our Christmas' change constantly, from those holidays we had as kids, to the ones as teens, young adults and beyond.  There were several Christmas's I never made it home to see my family, choosing to be with friends, or a partner instead.  My parents didn't like it, but they understood that traditions need not end, but must be modified year to year.

That being said, I wasn't quite ready to give up featuring Tom's work over Christmas, at least not yet. I was going to go back to an older post when I remembered there was a model Tom worked with that I'd featured before.  I also remembered they did a few Christmas shots.  I have featured a few of those shots, but never did a full piece featuring Tom's work with artmodel Josh.  You can see some of Josh's non-holiday shots in previous post HERE:

'I've never had a problem posing nude. I used to work in nightclubs not wearing much or anything, so it's never been a thing. 'I love the nude form as art. Viewing it, posing for it, shooting it. Photographically and sensually. It's a release, and way of coping, and a way of sharing art with the world. '

Once again, Tom tug back into his archives and found his original shoot with Josh to send my way.  Most of these images were ever featured on FH, or anywhere else before.  I was so excited to open the Dropbox folder Tom sent on to find original Christmas themed images to feature this year.   Traditions do have to change, but sometimes... you can squeeze more year out of them, and  hold on tightly, just a little bit longer.


An Elven Espousal: Alexander & Cooper by Gordon Nebeker

'We do not want merely to see beauty... we want something else which can hardly be put into words- to be united with the beauty we see, to pass into it, to receive it into ourselves, to bathe in it, to become part of it. That is why we have peopled air and earth and water with gods and goddesses, and nymphs and elves.'
C.S. Lewis 

The tradition started back in 2015 with Elf Herzog, (HERE)  Given how busy he is, every Christmas, photographer Gordon Nebeker hires holiday helpers to help deck his halls, hang his balls, and trim his boughs.  Since Mr. Herzog first tossed his tinsel, Gordon has put together a delicious elf ensemble with a hot pack of pixies I've been fortunate to feature each holiday season.

Some years, when the work load is light, Gordon hires just one Elf to holiday up his home.  Other years, it takes two to ensure every nook and cranny is garlanded and lit.  This year, with a huge holiday party planned, Gordon again hired and elven twosome to prepare for his Sunday shindig.  Thankfully, elves are paid with sheets of peppermint bark, so it was well worth the extra sugar and sweat to make an extra batch. 

This year Gordon did just find a couple of elves, but an married elf couple. Elves always marry freely, monogamously, and only once. They marry for love early in life and adultery is unthinkable.  A year before their elven espousal, elves enter into a betrothal, with the exchange of rings. This lasts at least a year, and is revocable by the return of the rings, but is rarely broken. 

The entwined elves who this year flew down to Florida to titivate the tree were Alexander and Cooper.  Some of you may recognize Alexander from his previous appearances on the site.  I've featured Alexander's previous work with Gordon, as well as his work with Images Male in his first appearance back in 2017. (Air Pressure)  

'I've known Gordon for many years, but have only worked with him once before in tandem with Wes Triplett. As it had been a very long time, and Cooper is getting into modeling, we reached out to Gordon about a doing a shoot with him. Gordon really wanted us to be part of his yearly Christmas Elf theme, and we eagerly agreed.'

In addition to love, lust and trust, they say one of the ingredients to a happy marriage, especially in the elf community, is shared interests.  In addition to decorating homes and making toys, these Christmas elves were brought together by a shared love for theatre and cosplay conventions. 

Cooper, Alexander and Cooper #2

'Alex is amazing! We met when he was in a theater production I attended in DC. After seven years of nerding out together and following him to photoshoots and conventions, we decided to get married.'

Given they had so much in common, it shouldn't be a surprise that Alexander wanted his new partner to share in his love of modeling.  Conner shares that Alexander sort of 'tricked' him into his first photoshoot with their dear friend Wes Triplett.  Many FH are familiar with work as I've featured the work of Wes from New Manhattan Studios many times over the year. 

It was Wes who initially connected Cooper with Gordon.  Given how busy Cooper is as a M&A lawyer, Alexander wanted to give him a short break, so they flew down to Florida for some rest and relaxation, some good seafood and elven up the Nebeker abode.   If you look closely, you'll see a third elf joined the pair.  Unfortunately, the other Cooper, Gordon's Goldendoodle, tired out easily, and flaked out under the tree after getting his fill of elven cuddles and belly rubs.

'Alex and Cooper were a delight to work with! They got right into character and required little direction. We all agreed that having fun with it was paramount and they did! It was a true collaboration!  This was my first Elf shoot with a newly married couple!'

'Gordon did two shoots. The traditional naughty elf he does every year, and then another nude shoot. It was the first time we were invited as a couple to do a shoot. Wes' shoot was technically an engagement shoot that quickly turned slutty. I've still got a lot of work to be as good a model as Alex as a model but I love doing it with him.'