Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 9th



Happy Birthday today February 9th

Happy 50th to model & actor Colin Egglesfield

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A few shots from Colin's modeling days

Succulent Selfies


'Bait the hook well. This fish will bite.'
William Shakespeare

Most lovers of the male form know of, or have seen images of Owen.  Owen uses several different names on social media including Goldilocks and sunshinesmiles, I love Owen's look, his strong face, curly blond hair and great body.  Owen has shot with many great photographers and appeared in on-line zines and on sites and in videos geared towards both gay and straight audiences. 

I like Owen, I like his look, I enjoy his work, and I think it's smart of him not to limit any potential work, and any potential group of viewers.  I'm a little surprised however, how much distain Own receives on-line for gay baiting.   Bait can really only work on those who are hungry or are on the hunt, no one is forced to join his Onlyfans or fork over any money for his images.  There are hundreds of images and videos of Owen on-line for free.

Owen is playing a game for sure, but it's not  his game, it's the game.  Whether a model is gay or straight, if they're trying to make a living on-line off their looks, the primary consumers are of course gay men.  Any male model with an Onlyfans, or who sheds their clothing for cash, has to know they won't be very successful if they only cater to their female fans.  

Sure there are plenty of women who enjoy the nude male form, but not nearly enough.  That's why so many models, straight or gay, play the 'bi' game.  You know the game, they say they have one preference, but open to exploring the other.  I have no idea about Owen's sexuality, but I do know he plays the game well.  So well in fact, that he often wins. This is possibly why those who play the game with him, feel like they lost.

I don't like gay baiting, or baiting of any kind, but the bait Owen lays isn't a trap, or at least to me.  When I joined his Onlyfans was completely satisfied with being caught.  There were plenty of full nudes, and plenty of video content if you paid a little extra.  No, it's not hardcore porn, but I knew that going in.  There were no tricks, unless you were expecting something that was never really promised to begin with. 

I've seen videos of Owen having sex with women, I've seen videos of Owen getting pleasured by men.  I actually find him rather neutral in both.  For some reason, at least to me, that neutrality, even blandness is part of his appeal.  Maybe I'm in the minority, but I sort of like the confusion.  Despite the struggles of the LBGTQ community, we also, tend to frustratingly want to label, and force others into a box we can easily understand.  Owen is clearly playing with us, he's trying to make as much money as he can.  That is pretty concrete and transparent to me.

Brava Bravo!

In addition to promoting body positivity, I love how completely normal the images, and the bodycheck section of Bravo Magazine is.  No big public outcry, no judgement, no sexualization of the subjects.  Yes, they're sexy, but there are no erections, or deliberately sexualized poses or facial expressions.

The guys are most smiling, or posing as they would if they were standing in a cap and gown for a yearbook or graduation photo.  As fully naked as they are, you know these images were seen, and the articles read, by their school friends, their parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and grandparents.  No shame, no big deal, just the naked body that they, and all of us, were born with.