Monday, March 9, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 9th

Great shot of Matt Powers.

Favorite Birthday Boy for March 9th Matthew Gray Gubler

I tend to avoid violent tv shows as there is enough in the real world, but I do tune into Criminal Minds, firstly for Matthew Gray Gubler but also I find they show does more character development than most many of the other shows like it. Matthew was the first hunk I profiled for my section on Unconvential Hunks and there is something so appealing about this actor and former Model. Matthew turns 29 today.

Favorite Birthday Boy #2 for March 9th Kerr Smith

I love Kerr Smith. Like I am sure many of you, his journey as Jack on Dawson's Creek played out very much like my own life. Kerr did such and amazing job, and even though Dawson's Creek often gets remembered for the soapy elements and Katie Holmes, my memories are of some stellar acting of Kerr and the cast and some highly emotional storylines that meant a lot to me. Thanks Kerr! Kerr turns 37 today.

Kerr in 'Dawson's Creek'.

Kerr in 'Cruel Intentions 3' (2004).

Also celebrating today March 9th

Also Celebrating today March 9th

AFL player Trent Croad turns 29 today.

Actor Nacho Huett turns 37 today.

Sports Guy of the Day: Michael Sullivan

One of my favorite players in the Australian Rugby leaque has always been Michael Sullivan. Michael who has played for The Bulldogs as well as the Cronulla Sharks and the Northern Eagles usually plays hooker. Michael is also one of my Favorite Subject in the God Of Football calendar and DVD. Check out more at the Gods of Football official site HERE:

Blast From The Past for March 9th William McNamara

Actor William McNamara is still a busy working actor, but many may not have have seen many of his more recent projects. William began acting professionally in the 80's and like many of you I fell in love/lust with him in some of his early roles in 'Stealing Home', 'Doing Time On Maple Drive' and 'Chasers'. I also loved 'CopyCat' in which William got to play the serial killer making life hell for Sigourney Weaver. Hopefully William will get another role soon to showcase his amazing talent. William was one of those young actors who was not only great looking but talented which were showcased in many of his early works.

One of my all time favorite movies is 'Stealing Home' (1988). Not only is it one of William's best roles, I also think it is one of Jodi Foster's greatest roles as well.

William in 'Chasers' (1994).