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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 11th

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Smooth Sailing

Blast from the Past: Nicholas Walker

'You are the bear claw in the garbage bag of my life.'

Many FH readers know I battle my bouts of insomnia with sit-coms.  When I find myself restless, with sleep dodging my attempts to grab hold, I turn on a comedy.  I like a show I don't have to pay much attention to.  Something pleasant, that doesn't require much thought.  Last week, when sleep was again avoiding my grasp, I turned on the television to an episode of Seinfeld.  

The episode was season 9's The Strongbox, and it featured Elaine struggling with her lust for a poor, and ultimately married, man.  The man was played by actor Nicholas Walker.  I'd noticed Nicholas, and his character Glenn, when I previously watched the episode, and understood why Elaine was smitten.  I even included Walker in a series of posts back in 2019 featuring some of the most sponge worthy men from the series. (HERE:)

I knew of Walker's career as a soap actor, he appeared on 5 soaps during the eighties and nineties.  I never saw any of his soap appearances, just some of his guest shots on a few TV shows.  When I featured him the last time, I found out he had done a nude scene in a 1997 film titled Amnesia, but could only find a censored copy with the nudity cut out.

This time, I looked a little harder, skipping movie and download sites and went to somewhere I should have checked out the last time.  I quickly found the film somewhere I should have checked out the last time, with an uncensored version on Youtube.  Check out my caps from Walker's nude scenes on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Walker and his male co-stars from Capital

The Pendulum of the Pit

'Now that he's 18, he's doing his first ever photo where he gets to show off his full adult arm pit.'

Not sure if you're watching season 3 of The Other Two, but you should be.  The Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider created show is one of the funniest, wittiest and cutting shows on television.  It also has one of the best casts.  Lead by Drew Carver and HelĂ©ne Yorke, the cast also features Case Walker, Ken Marino and two of my comedy icons, Molly Shannan and Wanda Sykes.

'Surely you remember the first time you saw Justin T's pit?'

This season dives deeper into fame and the world of celebrity.  From Cary's struggle to achieve fame, to his mother dealing with the downside of having too much of it.  The second episode of the season,  Brooke Drives an Armpit Across America, was a hilarious take on the rituals connected to when a male singer turns 18 and becomes legal. 

Case Walker plays pop star Chase in the series and the actor also turned 18 during the series run.  Just 16 when he got the role, Walker is now 20 and has gone through many of the same experiences of his character.  In addition to all of those 'he's officially legal' posts on message boards and forums, I'm sure Case, like his character Chase, had a few offers, from both women and men after blowing out those 18 candles. 

Case Walker

In the episode, Case is going through many of the experiences of other male pop stars, including having his first legal photo taken of his arm pits.  So many pop starts, from Justin Timberlake through Shawn Mendes have had sexier photo shoots, including the required pit photo, once they've turned 18.  In The Other Two, It's Rolling Stone magazine that got the exclusive photo of Chase's pit, but GQ goes to great lengths to get the shot.

As you can see, actor Case Walker has taken his prerequisite teen-idol pit shot, quite a few of them in fact.  Some of my favorite shots of Case are below, especially love his arms, (and pits) in the series of his bouldering.  You can watch a video of his climb on Youtube HERE:

Make 'Em Smile: Hal by Chris Teel

' If I can make other people happy, inspire, make 'em smile once a day in the process, great!'

I think many assume that the sole goal of imagery of the male form is to arouse and turn the viewer on.  That's part of it for sure, but for many photographers and models, the goal is to evoke a reaction, and not one limited to just one specific feeling or emotion.  I'm usually drawn to images that visually grab my attention, and triggered emotionally by images that make me hit a variety of emotions.  Some, simply turn me on, some evoke memories.  

My favorites however, are images that make me smile.  I've never really liked images in which the model appears to be posing in front of a firing squad.  You know the shots I mean, images of the male form where the model looks like they'd rather be anywhere else than where they are.  Seeing a model looking tortured makes me feel tortured, just as seeing a model enjoying themselves, brings joy to the viewer.

I don't think I've seen any model seem to be enjoying themselves as much as Hal seems to be having in front of the lens of photographer Chris Teel.  Although Hal's physique is incredibly impressive, from his focus on fitness and hours of hard work, in this series of images, it's his personality that really shines.

Hal's energy, confidence and enthusiasm is really contagious, and I found myself continuously smiling as I was going through the shots Chris sent on.  Hal knows his body, and his work as a fitness coach provides him the confidence to relax and focus on enjoying himself, letting his personality come through.

When did you first get interested in fitness? 
I got into fitness back in high school, we had some cool gym classes. But I got serious about it back in 2015 when I turned 25. Literally the day of my birthday, I started going to the gym habitually and have not stopped since. 

Was it inspired by anything specific 
Well, my mom was a professional athlete and she showed me how to do some stuff and she was also rocking abs and I figured fitness would be a good way to create some structure in my life. 

Which came first, fitness or bodybuilding? 
Fitness came first for me, cross fit was my jam for the first 5 years or so. Now its more strength training and bodybuilding. But I'm sure ill branch out again as time goes on. Modelling was a good way to record things for posterity. But, it was also a way to see myself through a better lens and start to appreciate my appearance. 

Why do you think you enjoy modeling? 
I like the idea of coming to like myself more. If I can make other people happy, inspire, make 'em smile once a day in the process, great! I just think it is cool that I have a chance to connect with people through the lens and spread some kind of joy. 

How did you connect with Chris? 
Chris found me through another artist. Chris is the bomb! 

Did you have a favorite shot from the shoot? 
Its really hard to pick, but,,, I think this shot. (below)

Given Chris has a focus on the male form, were you nervous before the shoot? 
Directly before the shoot I received some really bad personal news. So bad that I asked my girlfriend MJ to come with me to the shoot.  She had never come to one of my shoots before as she is very busy and shoots can sometimes run long. 

When I arrived I was set that I wasn't going to ruin this moment for myself, MJ who had come to support me, and Chris (who had been a gem in all conversations). This was easily accomplished because Chris not only knows his stuff behind the lens, but he is also very easy going while also direct and energetic so he really brings out the best. 

Did you discuss with Chris what you were looking for from your work together? 
A little bit, but in general I let Chris take the wheel. Like I said, he's a wizard behind the lens. 

What was the best thing about your time working with Chris? 
I learned what pube pants are.....I'm still laughing to this very day lol 

Check out more of Chris' work with Hal, and find out exactly what's he's looking at when he's staring out that window on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Chris Teel on OnlyFans