Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 23rd

Nathan Jackson by Unlimited Male
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Bed & Breakfast

Adrian by Jack Saul

Favorite Face of the Day: Rusti in Splendour in the Grass

The first I saw 1961's Splendour In The Grass on television, my focus was on Warren Beatty and the movies gripping story of obsessive love.  When I caught a few minutes again last week, it was another face that caught my eye.

The beautiful blue eyed blonde is Rusti, played actor Mark Slade.  Rusti only appeared in a few brief scenes, so few, he Slade didn't actually get an official credit in the film.  That face however, stands out, giving Beatty a run for his money in the swoon worthy department.

Splendour In The Grass was one of Slade's early projects, filmed in the then 22 year old's first year in show business.  Although he went on to appear in other films, Slade's achieved his greatest success on television in the sixties, with roles in The Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and High Chaparral.

Baby got back

Instagrams that Inspire: Matt McGue

I have been following the work of the ultra hot Matt McGue since first discovering his work with Joseph Lally a few years ago.  Great face, incredible lips, and of course his amazing body!

I recently saw some images and footage of Matt on Germany's Top Model.  Seemed a follow-up post, with a video clip included, was most definitely in order!

Matt by Joseph Lally

Matt by Diontrae Jackson

As They See It: Nathan Jackson by Unlimited Male

The phrase, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, was first used by author Margret Wolfe in her novel, Molly Bawn back in 1878.  The longer I work on FH however, the more I've come to believe, that the beholder's eye, may not always be the organ in charge.  Although we all know beauty is subjective, the more time I spend with imagery and art, the more I understand that I'm often more  impacted by what I feel, than by just what I see.

The net is full of literally millions of images of great looking bodies, but with so many bodies, there has to be more than just a great body that photographs well to attract a viewer.  I know I'm not the only one who's experienced seeing an image of a hot naked, almost perfect male body, and yet.. quickly click my mouse to move on to the next image.  Although the on the surface, may detects a well toned physique, beyond that outward covering, nothing really stood out.

Although some my think it's from an organ further down the body, I have to come to believe that with most of my favorite artists, beauty is in the heart of the beholder more than their eyes.  These artists both see and feel something about the models they choose to shoot that goes beyond their shell.  It's a quality that can be both seen and felt.  The challenge for the artist is trying to capture it all within the confines of just an image.

In the case of model Nathan Jackson, the artist was Jay from Unlimited Male, and that one image was the shot above.   When I saw the shot above, I instantly drawn o Nathan and eager to see more of Jay's images from the shoot.  Nathan has such a handsome face and an adorable grin that gives away this apparent joy with being in front of the camera.  This joy, along with the undressed rest of Nathan, make for an incredibly appealing package.

'There are photographers who shoot models, although maybe not Adonis perfect, but through their skill, and with their camera, illuminate a models personality and energy, as well as their organic sexuality creating unique and appealing depictions of the male form.'

Jay is certainly one of those photographers who always manages to capture both a model's energy and elements of their personality.  That joy I felt coming from Nathan was confirmed by Jay who shares that Nathan was a great model to work with and that his excitement about doing the shoot, really helped pull it all together.  Jay says the shoot came together quickly and that Nathan was a lot of fun to collaborate and work with.  Although Nathan isn't sure he's going to continue with modeling, I hope some positive feedback might encourage him to step in front of the camera again.

Unfortunately, FH is one of the only places viewers can enjoy Jay's shots of Nathan, especially the nudes.  FH readers who have followed Jay's work on the site in past may remember that I have always included a link to the Unlimited Male portfolio on Model Mayhem.  Sadly, without any notice, or any reason, last fall, MM closed Jay's account.   Jay attempted to understand the reason, but the reply merely stated that once an account is closed, it stays closed.

I too have been frustrated by certain sites, and how they see, not necessarily feel, about imagery focused on the male form.  Although I've been fortunate not to have any accounts closed, or many images removed, both Facebook and Instagram have banned the FH link from appearing on their site. I tried to find out why as well, but have yet to get any response.  I'm sure it's a blanket rule about google sites with adult content, but there is a huge inconsistency in the links ( like OnlyFans....) that they allow, as well as with female nudity, which doesn't seem to bother their eyes, nor their hearts, to the same degree...

Hopefully Jay will find another venue soon to display his imagery, but in the meantime, he has sent on a few more recent shoots that I will featuring over the next few months.  If you want to check out more of Jay's work before then, check out the link below to see Jay's previous pieces on FH!