Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 20th

Tyler B Shields by Jaymz Sapphire Photography
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Happy Birthday today September 20th

Happy 28th to Brian Joubert! Check out more of Brian HERE: and more of today's birthday boys HERE:

Laying Lyle

I know, laying Lyle sounds a bit like the title of a Corbin Fisher video, but somehow, with the incredible couch shots of Lyle Marlen Boro sent on, it seemed appropriate.

I first introduced you to Marlen's new work with Lyle one month ago (Waist Not Want Not), and I have been itching to have more of Lyle on FH. I was not initially keen on the color process and edit Marlen used (which of course he predicted) but after spending some time, a fair amount of time (don't judge!) with the images below, I can now see how the results of Marlen's work beautifully highlight the light travelling across Lyle's amazing chest.

Marlen Boro Official Site:
The Gentlemen of Marlen Boro on FH:

Most Gratuitous Ad Campaign: Chicago Fire

'Brother what a night it really was
Brother what a fight it really was
Glory be'

Obviously I love me some gratuitous sex and nudity mixed in with my media, but Chicago fire is not exactly being subtle about it. Although the NBC drama doesn't premier until October, the ad campaign is in full gear. Stars Taylor Kinney and Jesse Spencer, (hopefully used more than he was on House) are front and center in most of the shows publicity material.

I have been to a few fire houses, and although there were certainly a few good looking men, most of the men in their 40's and 50's, not all in the greatest of shape and certainly not walking around wearing moist and dirty wife beaters tightly hugging their nips and pecs. The scenes below look like the cover of a soft core porn DVD. I am not complaining really, only stating the audience the show seems to be going after aren't the same ones watching Masterpiece Theatre. It is interesting that in the two shots below (the second, a full page ad from Entertainment Weekly) seem to show Jesse's character staring longingly in Taylor's direction.

Country Boy: Tyler B Shields by Jaymz Sapphire Photography

Earlier this summer I did a small piece on photographer Scott Barnes and his work with model Tyler B Shields. (Tyler-B-Shields By Scott Barnes) I was taken with Tyler's look and got in touch with him about featuring more of his work. Though facial expressions and pose, the 23 year old Indiana model displays in many shots almost a blonde farm boy innocence. His incredible brown eyes however, express a knowing awareness much less innocent than his grin might imply.

The farm boy innocence comes honestly enough. Growing up on a small Indiana farm, Tyler B Shields grew up around tons of animals, and even today raises horses, goats, and ducks, not to mention his three dogs, a Saint Bernard, a beagle, and a chocolate lab. When I went back through Tyler's work to find shots for a follow-up, most of my favorite images came from Alonzo from Jaymz Sapphire Photography. The St. Louis based photographer captures many sides of Tyler, my favorites being the series below with Tyler wearing, and slowly removing, his striped t-shirt.

Alonzo has been shooting for about four years now and says his goal is to bring out a truth and a confidence in the models he shoots, beyond what they may see themselves when looking in the mirror. Often those around a person can see pick up wonderful attributes and qualities, maybe ones difficult for someone to see about themselves. Alonzo uses his camera to focus in on these truths hopefully opening up a model to see themselves from an entirely different view or angle.

'Our shoots went over over a 3 weekend period with our first being in an office setting. We had never met prior to the shoot but talked often just to get familiar with one another. Upon meeting at the first shoot we instantly clicked and bonded. I was amazed at his level of direction taking and learned that Tyler is a natural nudist and quite open and ok with himself and his body.'
Alonzo-Jaymz Sapphire Photography

Alonzo reports their shoots were always fun and full of laughter. He and Tyler both enjoyed the collaboration process creating beautiful images. This past June, in their third shot together, Alonzo was asked to do shoot a poster for this years official contest posters of both Mr. Midwest Leather & Mr. Midwest Puppy. Tyler was selected as a model to participate in the shoot and Alonzo reports it was great to have him back in front of his camera.

'My experience working with Alonzo was absolutely amazing, he is a great guy and a very good photographer. He is very professional, but yet is still funny and always makes sure the models are taken care of. I have shot with Alonzo three times and I do plan on shooting with him again very soon.'
Tyler B Shields

Tyler -B- Shields on ModelMayhem
J S Photog on ModelMayhem
Jaymz Sapphire Photography

'As part of the first shoot we added another model. He was the total opposite of Tyler but the chemistry they had between them worked so well, the second model became a part of the next shoots as well.'