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Favorite Pic of the Day for May 16th

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Happy Birthday today May 16th

Happy 68th to actor Pierce Brosnan!

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Nomads (1985)

Incentivized: Jacob by Richard Rothstein

If you follow Richard Rothstein on Instagram, you may be familiar with Teddy.   Even when Teddy isn't the primary focus of Richard's shoots, she still often makes her way into frame.   This skill is just one of the reasons Teddy is a minor celebrity herself..  She not only has her own Instagram page, but is one of My New York's newest employees.  

I always enjoy seeing where Teddy's going to pop up in Richard's work, but I'm not sure I've seen her quite as attentive as she was during this particular shoot.  While Richard was marking his territory, Teddy was definitely marking his with Jacob as well. Who can blame him really.  This isn't just Richard's new home, it's Teddy's as well and she wanted to make sure everybody knew it. 

FaVorites: Yanzo

'Just a sexy man...'

Ahh, that smile kills me!  The incredibly sexy Yanzo is not only a natural in front of the camera, he's also skilled behind it.  The photographer and model has a great Instagram, and even hotter Twitter and OnlyFans!

Adrian Pasdar in Vital Signs

The Case of the disappearing ass crack...

Although Just Like A Woman gave us a better view, there was something about a scene from 1990's Vital Signs that provided had more of an erotic impact on me. Vital Signs wasn't a great movie really, it was about on par with 'ok' episode of Grey's Anatomy.   It did have a great cast however, and provided my introduction to Adrian Pasdar. 

You all remember the scene, Michal (Pasdar) takes Gina (Diane Lane) down to the basement of the hospital.  They begin having sex in a scene that although showed very little, was incredibly hot.  I remember watching on VHS as a teenager, rewinding the scene over and over.  

There was something about just the glimpse of Pasdar's tight striped briefs and the top of his butt that was incredibly hot!  There were just flashes of butt but I'd never watched a moment on screen like when Diane Lane ran her finger down the top of Pasdar's butt crack.

Blu-ray release

When I decided to to this piece, I of course looked for the best quality copy of the film to make caps.  Boy was I disappointed!  I have seen, and written about so many cuts and many frames being lost in the transfer from VHS to DVD and Blu-ray and how many incredible moments of male skin have been lost, but a bit of butt crack, really?  The best quality version pretty much totally cut all of Adrian's ass out of frame.  Given this was one of the movie's most memorable scenes, this was more than disappointing. 

I next searched for a DVD version, and believe the version below is the DVD release.  There is a bit of butt crack in this version, but it still wasn't what I remembered from my multiple versions of the scene. Maybe I built it up over the years, but I was sure I'd seen a bit more Adrian's arse as Lane erotically slid them down. 

DVD Release

Finally success!  Thanks to xyzpdq, (former owner of SOMS) I was able find a  clip of the scene I remember.  As a clip from an old VHS copy, the quality may not be as great as the Blu-ray or DVD, but I'd rather have a scene, especially one I remember so fondly, in it's original form.

VHS release