Saturday, May 23, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 24th


Happy Birthday today May 24th

Happy 53rd to actor Dana Ashbrook!

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Dana with co-star Leo Johnson, looking very much men from the 90's

Comfortably Numb (1995)

Simon Kunz: He Wears it Well!

'Going for a dip, madame, do you mind?'

Since Memorial Day does mark the start of speedo season, thought it appropriate to feature an actor who wears his well.  I have not seen 1998's re-make of The Parent Trap, nor had I heard of actor Simon Kunz.  When I saw the gif below however, posted by Kunz' co-star Lisa Ann Walter, I wanted to see more.

Now Kunz might not be your typical hunk, but the British actor looks surprisingly sexy in his blue spandex.    Kunz got his start in 1994's Four Weddings and a Funeral and some might know him from his many film and television roles including his recent turn in The Last Kingdom.  Kunz hasn't shown a lot of skin in his roles, but thanks to Walt Disney we get a nice view.


Issue #1 (1979)
Photography by Adam Cadman

The 1970's magazine STROKES didn't have a long shelf life, but it tried to make the most out of it's short run.   From the few copies that I've seen, instead of focusing on individual models, each issue focused on a couple.  The pictorials made up the entire issue and the images, much more hard core than most other magazines devoted to the male form.  The explicit images made it difficult for me to even find a few to include in this piece.  Even the front cover featured full frontal nudity. 

'Sales to minors forbidden'

Jason Hunter's Australian Aria

'Do you have a passion for the arts? Meet an opera singer with far more than just a great set of lungs...'

Jason Hunter
Australian Women's Magazine

'Imagine this spunky lad hanging about your house with his do-anything-for-you eyes, his movie star mouth and the overall demeanor of a guy who just wants to make you happy. Jason's talents are many and varies, and he's definitely more than just a pretty face. He's well acquainted with the profound passions of romantic love because when he's not modeling, he's singing opera, and one of his greatest ambitions is to become a professional opera singer.'

'Just say I'm a grower, not a shower.'