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Favorite Pic of the Day for November 22nd

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Happy Birthday today November 22nd

Happy 19th to actor Eric Unger

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One of Thanksgiving's main events is the meal. For most, it's turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes, carrots and peas, yams, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. Some of the keys to a great Thanksgiving meal are planning, prep and help in the kitchen. If you enjoy naked men in the kitchen, check out my salute to apron (only) wearing kitchen help on The OVER-FLOW.

Husk & Stalk: Matthew Dunston by takeapic4u

-Outer layer
-A usually dry or membranous outer covering (such as a pod or one composed of bracts) of various seeds and fruits.

-Stem, shaft, or slender attachment part of a leaf, flower or fruit

'It was lucky that we found a nice corn field on some rural gravel roads in the middle of nowhere Iowa. It was the perfect spot for stripping nude and not drawing too much attention.'

The first time I featured the work of Iowa photographer Dave Larson, the focus was on Deconstructing the Cowboy. Dave loves to take conventionally held examples of masculinity, and examine, reveal and deconstruct them down to their most raw and naked form. Today's deconstruction is of the farmer, or as model Matthew Dunston calls the shoot, the deconstructing the farm boy.

For those of you who read my August profile of Matthew's work, (Unabashedly Naked) you may remember that getting naked isn't usually an issue for him. This shoot however, involved more than just being nude, but something Matthew says was a bit tougher for him, exploring his sex appeal.

'I am comfortable in my own skin, but I didn't think I was sexy enough for this photo shoot. It turned out that stripping in front of the camera was more difficult that just posing nude. Dave has done these kinds of shoots before with much better looking dudes than me, and I just wanted to make sure I lived up to the deconstructing series. Luckily, Dave had ideas on how to make me look sexier than I initially thought I could be.'

Matthew's reservations about his level of sex appeal is one of the reasons that for me, this deconstruction was not only successful, but incredibly hot. One of the reasons farmers are so appealing is in part because they tend to be unassuming about their sex appeal. They are usually more focused on their work, than how hot they look doing it. Standing in the corn field, the field he both panted and created, Matthew's farmer is just naturally sexy. Both his smile and his stare are filled with pride and satisfaction for the many physically grueling and long hard days that yielded the results.

An Autumn Fusion: Blanco by JDT Photo

'If only humans could die like the autumn leaves, with a splash of beauty and the promise of another season.'
Shana Chartier

One of the reasons many of us love specific seasons is our ability to physically fuse, connect and immerse our bodies with the gifts mother nature lavishes upon us. In winter, our skin feels the cold, our tongues catch the snowflakes and most of us at one time or another used our hands and bodies to make snow men, angels and forts. In the spring, our senses are strummed by the smells and colors of a world in bloom. In the summer, our bodies are literally bathed in both the heat of the sun and waters of the lakes and oceans we immerse ourselves in to cool off.

In Autumn, it's both the sites and the smells that lure us down any path surrounded by elms and maples moving through stages of senescence. Most of us have experienced the sensation of rolling and playing in a cold and damp pile of leaves. Sadly, the desire to physically connect with seasonal changes seems diminish for many adults. The cold becomes less tolerable, the humidity too oppressive and the damp leaves, just an eyesore in need of raking.

One of the themes that I loved exploring on FH is how creative artists and adventurous models can take us back to the sense of freedom and play that life often forces us to forget. Just the experience of being naked outside is something foreign to most adults, even thought our parents have Kodak produced proof, that we once ran around the backyard in our birthday suits.

Jesse from JDT Photo is one of my favorite chroniclers of seasonal changes, but I thought I'd already tapped the well dry with his Autumn images. Last month I featured several models Jesse shot for An Autumn Afternoon. Today, we get a fall bonus, as a few weeks go however, Jesse headed back into the woods, this time with Blanco.

There is a beautiful symmetry in the way Jesse captured Blanco, and the way in which the Atlanta models interacts with his Autumn arena. Blanco creates such beautiful poses with his body, even the design and lines of his arm tattoo flows with his surrounding. Blanco interacts with the forest and leaves as may of us did when we were young, and how many of us long to again.

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