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Favorite Pic of the Day for September 28th

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Seasonal Sightings:

Pico Alexander in Home Again

Life for a single mom in Los Angeles takes an unexpected turn when she allows three young guys to move in with her.

It's a little surprising to me how many pieces on FH have begun because of my remote control.  I get bored easy when watching television and often, spend more time flicking through channels than actually watching any one television show or movie.  That's exactly how I ended up putting together this post.

Home Again (2017)

I've seen most of Reese Witherspoon's romantic comedies, and even the ones I haven't seen, I thought I had at least heard about. Yet, when I flew through the channels this past Sunday afternoon, I came across one of her movies I hadn't seen or heard of before.  

As I flipped through the movie channels, I stopped after seeing the beautiful, and familiar face ,of actor Pico Alexander.  I knew Pico's face having seen him in a number of projects including the 2019 re-make of Catch 22

I first noticed Pico's perfect face in a small scene from 2014's A Most Violent Year.  I didn't especially love the film, but I took notice of Pico and even did a small piece after viewing the film. (HERE:)  Pico has such a distinctive look, beautiful facial features and a tall, slim, and incredibly hot body!  He hasn't shown off too much of that great body yet, but there's still time.

 After seeing Pico's face, I clicked info on my remote and discovered the film was 2017's Home Again.  Not sure exactly why I hadn't heard of the flick before, I'm guessing it wasn't a huge success.  I didn't stop to watch on Sunday, the film was half-way through, and I had to get ready to head out, but I plan on catching it, and more of Pico, very soon.

Stripped & Sashed

If the crown fits...

Last month, I did a piece featuring the nude male contestants in the 1975 All-Bare Beauty Pageant. (HERE:)  The piece led to some viewer feedback and sparked my interest in researching more about all nude male beauty pageants and compititions. 

It's not uncommon to find male nude competitions, there have always been small contests held in gay bars and strip clubs.  These mini-pageants have usually been specific to the club or venue, and cater to a specific audience and location. 

What I liked about the All-Bare competition is that it seem geared to 'regular guys', husbands and boyfriends, working guys looking for a little fun.  Part of the pleasure of some of the vintage male nude pageants was the vulnerability of some of the men gracing the stage.  Although most seemed proud to show off their bodies, you can also imagine that  many were encouraged by a partner to enter and participated with a little reluctance. 

Great Canadian Strip Search

Mr. Nude Palm Springs

Mr. Worldwide Nude winners (1978)

One of the most interesting contests that I found was the Mr. Nude San Diego Contest.  There are several videos out there of the event, but sadly all very low quality.  If you search the net you  may find a better copy, but the video below appears to be from the 1983 event. 

Mr. Nude U.S. A

Playgirl  Magazine covered one of the biggest male nude competitions, the Mr. Nude U.S.A pageants that took place during most of the 1970's.  The yearly event, was created and put on by a nudist organization in California and you can see some of the coverage from PG magazine below.


Since it's inception in 1974, the Mr. Nude U.S. A contest has been receiving more attention, both from the media, and the public. This year, Eyewitness Los Angeles covered the pageant, as did Schulman Video productions, who documented the two-day event for closed circuit television.  Pat Morehead, (above) was 1978's winner of Mr. Nude USA.  Morehead is a forty-six-year-old captain of the local Vernon Fire Department and head of the Fun Ranch's nude skydivers, the Buff Divers.


This year's winner, Bill Marino, is a New Yorker of Italian descent. A runner-up in last year's pageant, Bill is living proof of the health benefits of nudism. For Bill, it's a way of life, good for the body and soul. bill was also voted 'most muscular' by the panel of celebrity judges. 

Extracurricular Activities: David by Jack Saul Photography

'The secret is to have eight great players and four others who will cheer like crazy. '
Jerry Tarkanian

When I was in high school, my grades were pretty average.  A few nineties in English, Law, Drama and Sociology.  I usually pulled mid-eighties in Biology and Economics and then down to low seventies, and even a couple of mid-sixties in both Chemistry and Math.  Like so many students who had plans to attend University, and who wasn't pulling all A's, I padded my 'education' resume with as many extracurricular activities as I could fit in.

I participated in model parliament, on the year book staff, in the photography club and in the choir.  Due to the lack of male's auditioning, I also usually managed to get a decent part in the school musical. As for sports, the only sport I really played in high school was basketball.  Hockey was my favorite sport, and I played in a local league, but I wasn't nearly good enough for the competitive world of high school hockey.

I also wasn't really that good at basketball, but I was tall, and  was recruited (begged) by the teams coach, who was also my Economics teacher.  I played almost solely during practice, during actual games, I was usually on the sidelines, one the four cheering like crazy for my teammates out on the court.  One of my favorite teammates to cheer for was a guy named Justin.  When I saw these images of David, I was struck by how much David reminded me of Justin.

Although I don't remember Justin with any one specific girlfriend, there were always girls around him. I think most closeted gay kids in high school have vivid memories of the straight guys who were caring and decent to them.  Justin and I were not really close friends, he was a year older than I was, but when it came to basketball, he was like a best friend.   He was so supportive of my 'attempts' and always said 'nice try man' when I missed a basket.  He also had a beautiful smile, and he smiled.. a lot!

In addition to some 'secret' glances while we were in the locker room, my most vivid memory of Justin was the funny faces he'd make while running down the court.  While I mostly sat cheering from the sidelines, Justin was always on the move.  Almost every game, while I was sitting on the bench, he'd whiz by me on the court making some sort of weird or funny face as he ran by.  

I'm sure Justin's funny faces were meant for everyone sitting on the sidelines, but  I always sort of thought they were mostly aimed at me.  We also had many great talks, especially after practice.  At games, we usually car pooled, but practices were mostly held after school.  Since practice had us missing the regular bus, and neither of us had a parent who could pick us up, we often ended up walking the 40 minutes back home together.  

When photographer Jack Saul first sent his work with David, I was instantly struck by the images of David making faces and was reminded instantly of my time with Justin.  Justin also always wore a chain around his neck, and always wore billowing boxers beneath his basketball shorts.  I was a boxer brief kind of guy and I always  used to joke about how his big grey boxers reminded me of old man underwear. 

Jack was connected to David through agent who was looking to get David some work and a little more exposure.  Just as I did was, Jack was initially drawn to David's face and smile.  Jack was under the impression that this was David's first time posing fully nude, but despite this, David was very outgoing and although not an exhibitionist by any means, was very relaxed about the nudity during the shoot.

'I immeateatly noticed David's beaming smile and generally very expressive expressions.  He was relaxed and easy to talk to and work with.  I gave very loose directions such as standing, sitting, laying, etc but he was really a natural so I just focused on shooting and allowed him to improvise.'