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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 14th

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Happy Birthday today October 14th

I would take a squeeze from Argentine football player, and birthday boy, Renato Civelli even if Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimović, ( in the gif below) doesn't seem to appreciate getting one...

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Doable Dolls

I have a formula that I use to put together each days posts for FH. It helps me organize the flow of stories and although I don't follow it all the time, about 75% of days I do. Like a magazine, I use the pic of the day as the cover, and the subsequent photographer or model profile as the feature story. Birthdays provide the regular content, then I try to do a 'story' post, usually entertainment focused and then an 'image' post to end the 5 pieces that I post each day.

I have thought (am still thinking actually) of ditching the 5 post magazine format and just post when I have 1 ready. I often miss posting 'news' due to waiting to have 5 features ready, and although I have a couple of posts at hand ready to post, I don't as I am usually awaiting an image or quote from a subject to finish the posts for the day.

Sometimes I try to mesh the 5 posts into one theme, the results vary. I loved my circus themed day and the horse connected stories. Other times I can feel the theme is pushing it and am unhappy with the results. Last month, when featuring a model named Jimmi, I worked to find more Jimmy's to have an all Jimmy day. Ultimately I dropped the idea realizing how silly it was after briefly toying with a Jimmy Osmond piece, an entertainer I don't really know, nor liked or find the least attractive.

I write all of this as a bit of and explanation, albeit useless, and exposition to why I am posting about doable dolls. This piece, and the one below began as one story about the emasculation of males on American television. I was going to tie the Naked & Afraid show with the natural and raw forest images from Suntown Photography. Ultimately I could not pull it all together in a seamless manner, so separated the pieces into 3 parts.

When researching emasculation, especially in the media, the Ken doll came up frequently. There were stories about life size anatomically correct dolls like the one above. There were stories about baby dolls with penises freaking out shoppers at Toys 'R' Us. There were other dolls with penises, usually European like Tom of Finland as I don't think Nate from Nebraska would be near as popular. There were tons of images of penisless male dolls, alone, posed as couples, and 16 shoved together in a box for what looked like a fun, but ultimately sad organism free orgy.

I did however stumble upon a doll so sexy that I had to include him in the mix. I did not unfortunately, see him naked, so I can't verify length or girth (or whether like Ken, he sports a mangina). But Savage, (last pic below) is one of the hottest dolls I have seen to date. Savage, with a hint of Jason Momoa has the greatest lips and eyes and a body only possible from non stop cardio and the non eating of any carbs. Of course Savage got his body the easy way, from sculpted plastic. Savage is part of a collection of dolls from Peewee Parker which also includes Blake, Damien and the delicious Bishop whom I would have in the wings when Savage was busy or worn out. You can see more of Peewee's dolls by checking out his flickr page HERE:




Sexy Savage

Afraid Of The Naked

Ok, I do this rant about once a year... I know many of you have heard it before. You know the rant that about tv and how pretty much 24 hours a day on American Network and cable there is every imaginable act of violence, torture and pain inflicted from one human to another. The C.S.I's, The Law & Order's, those Criminal Minds, they try every trick in the book to find more brutal, sexual and outrageous methods to rape, then slice apart and ultimately snuff out a life.

 Reality: American Style

No one particular show is worse than the other, they all might even be good, if on their own. But together, they dominate television, even throughout the daytime hours when millions of children get to watch the violence with A & E (once a place for great Arts and Entertainment) plays Criminal Minds marathons pretty much non stop on many days. Those still struggling to accept that there is some connection between this programming and real acts of violence is fooling themselves.

And yet... there is outrage over a Janet Jackson nipple, indecency fines threatened against a couple of butts on NYPD Blue and the blurring of even the remotest peak of body parts on reality television shows. I guess on the plus side, with the job rates where they are, there was a huge increase in the need to hire digital pixelators.

I have no issue with television shows not showing nudity. Most shows that I love don't. You can get your fix of naked on the Internet if you need it. My issue is with American shows that promote, tease and play off the naked, when there is no actual nakedness. Cable shows like Naked & Afraid and Dating Naked, boldly use Naked in their titles, yet show nothing, even on cable, except the butts of the men and women they film. I suppose some might find it titillating to watch two people naked, even if you can't see them, in certain situations. To me however, pixelating body parts is disturbing.

Disturbing because it somehow makes the body parts bad. Why would you cover something good? It also makes the penis and vagina's much more sexual. A naked man or woman on a beach can be beautiful, even sexy. A naked body however, is not in itself necessarily sexual simply walking along the sand, unless of course that nasty penis is pixelated. I guess the pixelization acts sort of as a chastity belt keeping the American population safe. Without it, the uncaged penis might develope a mind of it's own and take off down the beach, diving into any hole, orifice or opening not covered!

Ahh, the lovely Keegan from Dating Naked

Although I am glad butts (unless of course slightly ajar) are not pixelated, I am surprised that censors and decency activists have not yet figured out the butt can be as sexual to some as body parts in front. In fact, with Dating Naked's Keegan here, his beautiful ass might need more protection than his front.

In most other parts of the globe, reality shows with nudity are shown as they are. These countries, mostly European (although Canada and Australia shows nudity on prime time) don't sexualize the naked body, they simply don't hide it, especially on shows that promote 'Naked' in the title. These countries also as we all know have dramatically less violence with their societies.

 Reality: European Style

This isn't new of course, sociologist have been reporting it for decades. Nudity does not equal more sex or promiscuity. It does however appear to lead to more healthy attitudes about the human body and less fear about sex and sexuality. It is the hope of every human being to one day have wonderful, erotic and healthy sex. It is not the hope of most to one day be raped, chopped up and thrown in a river. Yet... the latter remains more preferable as an entertainment source. I wonder when, or if this will ever finally change?

Suntown Photography: Within The Woodlands

You can see more of Matt in the Suntown Men 2015 calendar

Suntown Photography would never even think of using digital pixelation within his work. And why would he? The UK photographer likes to shoot his subjects just as the are, natural, without manscaping or editing.  Shooting naturally isn't just the artists passion, it is a necessity when venturing to one of his favorite places to shoot, deep within the Woodlands...

The Woodlands are located about 125 kms from London. The surrounding area is mostly rural, made up of forest sand hills.  If you explore this area, on just the right day...you too might find yourself coming upon some of these Woodland inhabitants. You can't really plan a sighting, or a shoot, with one of the mystic men of the Woodlands.  You instead have to just head into the woods and between the bushes and hope that one of them....might spot you.

Danny was on the cover of 'Young Otters'

Like all creatures of the wild, the Woodland mammals respond to stimuli. In the case of the males, especially the young, trying to secure their place in the herd, that stimuli is generally the click of a camera. If they hear the click, they respond not by calling to others, (it is 2014) they text the others to let prepare them that photographers are in the area. Danny is well known as a leader of the herd and is often the first to be seen and first to send out the call to the others, especially if the artist behind the camera is Suntown.

If you're lucky, you will then see bodies in various states of undress coming out from behind tree's, out of lakes and streams and descending from branches high above. This is where things get tricky and timing is crucial. The men of the forest have no issue being naked, have not problems with being photographed, but they have little to no patience for inexperience. They give you just a few minutes to snap and capture them before they again disappear deep into the forest.


It was truly a rare event when an artist was able to capture Parker, especially out so close to the road and civilization. Patrick was clearly uncomfortable being so close to town, especially confined tightly within his restricting jeans. When Patrick spotted Suntown and his camera, he quickly signalled for him to follow. Patrick flew from the road, into the grove and quickly peeled off his jeans, no naked and happy surround by the forest of fur tree's.

Patrick sat quickly down upon the grass and moss just long enough to give Suntown the stare down. The look was instant and clear letting the photographer know time was ticking. Suntown got in just a couple of clicks of the camera before Patrick grabbed his jeans, sped into the tree's and disappeared out of sight.

Justin is featured in Men of Suntown 2015 and several of Dave's books.

Justin is one of the most elusive of the Woodland models. Usually he is frolicking in open fields keeping others at a distance. Most photographers only get wide shots from a distance like the image above. Justin must have felt a trust in Suntown as he allowed him to follow him beyond the fence and in amongst the tree's for some closer images to be taken.

Like many of the men of the Woodlands, Myles may not be smiling with his teeth, but don't let that fool you, the Woodland models show happiness simply by stopping briefly and posing. Be warned though, if you're thinking of heading to the Woodlands yourself you may not be so lucky. Suntown has been venturing into the wood for many years so his presence doesn't frighten and send the models fleeing. Even if you can't see the Woodland creatures for yourself, Dave promises to send on more images from his Woodland treks and has chronicles many more on his site, blog and in books.

Myles appears in Suntown's Young Otters 2

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