Thursday, June 4, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 5th

Kubo by Bodytorium

Happy Birthday today June 5th

Happy 46th to Marcus Patrick!

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Sibling Saturdays: Ron & Tony Warner

When I saw an old AMG image of Ron and Tony Warner, I knew I wanted to include them in Siblings Saturday. Unfortunately, even though they were photographed by Bob Mizer, I couldn't find many images, or much information about the fraternal twin brothers. If anyone know of a site with more images, shoot me a line!

FaVorite FiVe: Kevin Felder

I save the image above awhile ago, and immediately began searching for more of the stunning hottie struggling to keep up his jeans.  A quick search led me to an editorial featuring photographer Greg Vaughan and 24 year old Williamstown model Kevin Felder.

Kevin by Torian Lewin

Kevin by Tarrice Love

Last three images from Greg Vaughan

Justin Gorence: The Man Behind the Glass

My DVR is full of un-watched episodes. There are currently several episodes from this seasons The Good Fight, Killing Eve, Mrs. America and the last three episode of The Sinner.  These are all shows I enjoy, but when the pandemic was in full swing, I looking for comfort more than drama.  So... while some were making banana bread, when I got into bed each night and turned on the TV, I was mostly watching repeats of Frasier, and past seasons of The Great British Bake-Off.

I hadn't really watched much Frasier when it first aired, in fact, there was something about the show that had me actively avoiding it.  I was of course wrong.  Maybe I needed to mature enough to match the show, but I'm currently on season 4 and really enjoying every episode.  A couple of weeks ago, while watching the third season episode, Look Before You Leap, I was drawn to the man behind the glass....

Actor Justin Gorence only appeared on screen for about 20 seconds, but there was something about his face, the shape, his smile, that had me wondering if I'd seen him before.  I'm not sure that I did, but Gorence did appear on several shows in the nineties including Melrose PlaceSliders and three episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

I got a little over excited when I saw on his IMDB page that he also appeared in a few soft core flicks, so synonymous with the 90's.  Sadly, although he had a few shirtless scenes, Gorence's clothes for the most part, stayed on.  Although there was some tame nudity in Sisters of Sin and The Sexperiment, not from Justin.  In The Sexperiment, he played a sexologist, so watched more than he participated.  Still, it was interesting getting to know a bit about Justin, who's acting career, much like the two leads, seemed to peter out after his appearance in  film made to profit from the successs of American Idol, 2003's Justin to Kelly.

Sisters of Sin (1997)