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Sock Bottom

 Toque, check, socks check, all ready for winter!

Current TV Crush: Ren Watabe

'We needed an actor who we really wanted to follow through the series. Someone who was believable in the Japanese world, but also could speak English for the English-speaking world as well. He really came out of nowhere.'
Casting Director, Monarch, Legacy of Monsters

Last week, I binged the first three episodes of  the new Apple TV+ series, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.  I loved every minute of it.  I love 'monster' movies, and this series makes you feel like you're watching a feature film.  Like most monster movies however, the  monster scenes are hit and miss.  There aren't really that many scenes with Godzilla or the other monsters, which is probably a good thing.  In some scenes, they're incredibly realistic, but in in others, they're incredibly fake.  I always wonder why directors and editors don't edit out those 'fake' looking moments.  

I remember the same thing happened with the dragons in Game of Thrones.  Of course, given there is no such thing as dragon, all the scenes required a suspension of belief, yet for the most part, it was easy to do as the special effects were so well done.  Then bam, there would be one or seconds where the dragons looked so obviously fake, it took you instantly out of the story.

Those few seconds however, didn't detract from my enjoyment of the show.   The characters and story instantly drew me in, and they cast a wonderful group of actors.  It was sort of crazy first seeing Wyatt Russell in the show.  I initially thought it was a younger, digital version of his father Kurt.  Then I realized it was his son, and they were playing the same character, Lt. Lee Shaw, at different times within the story.  Wyatt is a very good actor, and really engaging in the role.  Regardless of his relationship with Kurt, he quickly proves he deserved the role, beyond just the physical resemblance with the other Lt. Lee Shaw. 

One of my favorite characters in the series is Kentaro Randa played by Ren Watabe.  I am enjoying Kentaro's relationship with is new found sibling, and instantly crushed over Ren.   Born in Japan, this is the only the 24 year old's second acting credit, and first professional lead role.  Prior to getting cast as Kentaro, Ren was working as a line cook, doing a bit of modeling on the side.  

Ren was the perfect casting choice as not only is he incredibly hot, he also draws you instantly into his story, and has you wanting to follow him to see where it leads.  Despite being new to acting, he also holds his own in scenes with Kurt Russell and the rest of the cast.  Ren does not really have much of an on-line presence yet, but looking forward to watching more of him in the series and what I'm sure will be many other projects in the future. 

Claudio Coviello: FaVorites

Claudio Coviello
Milan Italy
Principal Dancer 
Teatro alla Scala

Claudio Coviello on Instagram

What The Water Gave Him: DJ by Elwood Photos

'Lay me down 
Let the only sound 
Be the overflow'

Each of the thousands of post on FH started with an idea.  Most often, the concept was provoked by a visual, but many stemmed from experiences, from memories, from poems or songs.  Since FH is rooted in 'story', some of my favorite artists to featured are visual storytellers.   Most written 'stories',  are rooted in plot, the descriptive sequence of events which guides the viewer through the story.

Visual stories however, don't necessarily rely on plot or words to tell the narrative.  They use locations, color, their characters and visuals to motivate the viewer to create their own story.  Although we all see the same visuals, we all interpret them in our own unique way.  Based on our own experiences and our connection to what we're seeing, the same visuals can create hundreds of individual stories. 

This story features the work of Jason from Elwood Photos.  The main character is DJ, whose work with Jason I featured earlier this year.  (Sensorial Subversivism)  The shoot began with a simple plan. Jason and DJ, had been wanting to shoot something elaborate for months.  There was no specific concept, only that they wanted it to be visually stunning, and something shot outside. 

'DJ and I had been planning a really elaborate photoshoot for months but it requires a very specific kind of unfinished concrete floor, like in an old basement, but with enough available surface area to be able to do full body shots. So far neither one of us has been able to find a location that would work for our needs. It was nearing the end of summer and I really wanted to do a photoshoot outside before it got too cold and rainy in the Pacific Northwest.'

Although some stories start with with plot, this story began with a location.  Jason messaged DJ and asked if he would be up for a shoot in the Columbia River Gorge. Located about 30 miles east of Portland Oregon, The Gorge is a canyon of the Columbia River stretching over eighty miles with the river winding westward through the Cascade Range.  The Gorge is considered a National Scenic Area with waterfalls, epic vistas and endless opportunities for outdoor activities.   Although it was starting to get chilly, given the location, Jason also asked DJ if might be up for getting into the water. 

DJ immediately said yes, and with the location and now a character in place, it was DJ's turn to contribute to the story with a concept.  DJ suggested they take their inspiration from the song 'What The Water Gave Me' by Florence & The Machine.  Jason wasn't familiar with the song, but once he listened to it, instantly knew what DJ was going for, and thought the idea was brilliant. 

'It's a melancholic, ethereal song about being overwhelmed and letting the water overtake you. I was very excited about a photoshoot that juxtaposed those themes with one of the most beautiful locations on earth (and a very handsome model). '

I was familiar with the song, and it always had me thinking of those moments when I in the ocean, a lake or even a pool. Regardless of how noisy and hectic it was above the surface, as soon as you submerged, a wave of calmness and tranquility always immediately took over.  Even though you could still hear the noise underwater, it was muffled, almost lyrically, under the surface of the water.   

Jason and DJ headed out to Rooster Rock State Park on the Columbia River which has a large clothing-option section.  It's a very popular gay beach, and usually pretty crowded, and the day of the shoot was no exception.  Jason shares that it was one of the last really warm and sunny days of the summer, so there were many out looking to suck in the last gasps of summer.   There were a lot of naked people partying all around them and it took about a mile long hike along the shore to find a relatively secluded spot to shoot. See more from the shoot, and more of the story, on the NEXT PAGE HERE: