Friday, September 15, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 16th

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Careers to Consider:

Mister International India 2023, 

The Male Pageantry industry hasn't taken off in America quite the way it's taken off in Southeast Asia, especially the Philippines.  There, if an career surrounded by half-naked hunks was your goal, a job as a pageant promoter might be right up your alley.   Certainly, the promoter, (the only one in a shirt and pants) seems to be enjoying his job....

Recently, I saw some videos from the 2023 Metro Hunks Great Bodies contest which took place this past summer in Manila.  The contest looked like a cross between a beauty pageant, a body building contest, and a male strip show.  Check it out for yourself on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Luka the Looker

'My name is Luka....'

So this Luka, as much as I'd love him above me, isn't residing on the second floor.  This Luka resides, at least on television, on The Northern Sun on Bravo's Below Deck Adventure.   Last month, I featured the male cast of the second season of show, and my favorite deckie Adam, dancing in their budgie smugglers. (HERE:)

Sadly, shortly After, Captain Jason made the decision to fire Adam based on some mistakes he'd made while on deck.  As much as safety is important, I think Adam deserved another chance, he was eager, willing to learn, and seemed like a really decent guy.  I also loved how Adam looked in his speedos.  I think the team could have  improved equally well if Jason had fired Culver, who in addition to being incredibly lazy, I really can't stomach.

On the plus side, we got a new lead deck hand in Luka.  The last group of women passengers nicknamed him Luka the Looker, an appropriate moniker, that I'm guessing the Australian hottie has certainly heard before.  Luka is a looker, highlighted by his great smile.  While I could do without the butterfly chest tattoo, I'll overlook it given all of Luka's other admiral assets.  

Luka certainly likes the ladies, but thus far, most on the boat are taken.   I slightly question his tastes, given he hooked up with Magda, the annoying stew who was fired last season, but his not being picky is not a deal breaker.  I'm guessing no matter which port the Northern Sun docks at, Luka doesn't have any trouble finding a net for his butterfly to land in

I'm sure the hot male cast members are part of the reasons this season of Below Deck Down Under is one of Bravo's highest rated shows.  Those housewives are getting pretty boring, and Captain Jason, Aesha, and the male deck hands are a welcome sight each week with their double dose of weekly episodes.  The stories this season have also grabbed quite a bit of on-line attention.  Too bad the season wasn't longer, I'd much prefer more of this show, and this crew than Captain Sandy cruising the Mediterranean. 

As annoying, and as drug, as the most recent group of passengers were, the all female group did appreciate, and sexually ogle, the male crew members.  Since you don't say no to guests, the deck crew had no choice but to say yes when the ladies wanted their drinks delivered by the male deck hands, all wearing their budgy smugglers.   Although it had me missing Adam, Luka certainly eased the pain.

Furniture Hopping: Curran by Lights On Studio

'Your home should be a story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.'
Nate Berkus

If this home tells a tale, the story revolves around the owners love of antique furniture and exquisitely beautiful naked men.  FH readers are familiar with this renovated historic home, as well as the exquisitely beautiful Curran.   Last month, I featured images from the first part of photographer Tom Nakielski's (Lights On Studio) shoot with Curran on. (HERE:)

During the first post, I focused on Tom's shots of Curran on, and at the bottom home's striking wooden staircase.  Curran certainly knew how to work that wood using his long, lean body to create such dramatic and elegant poses.  Tom shared how skilled Curran is with a prop, in this case a staircase, and the images beautifully illustrated this point.

'Give Curran a prop and sit back and watch him take it to the limit. On top of his creativity he exuded a fun and exuberant attitude. It was a 7 hours session and Curran never lost his eagerness and kept the session filled with high energy. What fun!'

There were so many wonderful 'staircase' shots, I decided to spotlight them on their own, and leave these shots, from other parts of the home, for a follow-up post.  Just as he did on the stairs, Curran so effortlessly creates striking visuals, sitting, laying, and splaying his body on and along the furniture.  Curran is like the perfect statue or scultpure you chose for your room, put perfectly in place to achieve the maximum visual impact.

If you remember the previous post, you might also remember at near the end of the series of shots, Curran was joined on the stairs by an equally stunning and sculptured model.  In addition to shooting solo shots of Curran, and shots of the two models together, Tom also captured Curran's staircase sidekick with a solo shoot in the home.  Check out those images on the NEXT PAGE HERE: