Monday, January 7, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 8th

Dane by macpics
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Happy Birthday today January 8th

Happy 32nd to actor Freddie Stroma!

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Giddy Up!

I didn't have time this year to do my annual 'Golden Globe' nomination nudity piece, but hoping to start working on the Oscar's when they're announced later in the month.  I did however catch the last half of last night's show and found it an enjoyable mix of both the silly, and oddly emotional, as only Hollywood can do.

Although Beautiful Boy's Timothée Chalamet didn't win a Globe, he certainly won on the red carpet.  Although  Louis Vuitton, who dressed Timothée  for the event, calls his glittery vest an 'embroidered bib', I prefer harness.  Most on social media agree, and there are many great harness lines.  I am pretty sure Freddie Mercury would have enjoyed grabbing those reins. 

Michael Zegen in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

While we're (well maybe just me...) talking Golden Globes, last night's show also had me motivated to finally hurry up and post on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel's Michael Zegen.  I finished season one last spring and was taken by Zegen and his performance and have had a file in my 'to post' folder ever since.

Last night at the Globes, when Rachel Brosnahan won Best TV Actress in a musical or comedy,  Zegan, and the rest of the cast at the show's table, got plenty of close-ups. I was happy that Brosnahan thanked each of her cast members, including Zegen, who sometimes seems to get left out whenever the show receives it's well deserved accolades. 

If you haven't yet checked out The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Zegen plays Joel, the Mr. Maisel to Brosnahan's Mrs. Although Brosnahan deserves every bit of praise and attention she's garnered, Zegen has the more thankless, yet incredibly important role, in setting up both the story, as well as providing much of the backstory to explain the direction the character of Mrs. Maisel takes.

Although the character of Joel is not written as especially enlightened or likeable, Zegen's talent and charisma made his character incredibly appealing to me, and even though Joel left and cheated on his wife, I was still rooting for them when they got back together at the end of the season.

Red Alert: Dane by macpics

'You could break rocks on that chin!'

Just before Christmas, I introduced FH readers to a drenched Dane in the shower by Melbourne photographer macpics. (HERE:)  I loved Dane's distinctive look and so infatuated that I asked Ian if I could check out more from the shoot and feature more of their work together.  As hot as Dane looks in the shower, the location was a little limiting when it comes to movement.

Dane has such a striking and beautiful overall look, starting with his great face and that strong chiselled jaw that Ian referenced.  The solidity of Dane's face and jaw flows downward with an incredible tight body, fit from hours working out in the gym and Dane's dedication to his career as a professional dancer. 

Dane's dance experience clearly impacts his poses and I love the long lines and moments of movement he creates in front of Ian's lens.  There's a contemporary vibe to Dane's body movements, and I love the look and character Dane creates.  It's almost as if Bob Fosse was choreographing a sexy hip hop number.

I also especially love how Dane's silky skin looks in front of the red backdrop.  Those of you familiar with my previous pieces featuring Ian's work (HERE) recognize the velvet red curtain that Ian has shot many of the models he's worked with in front of.

Bright backdrops, especially red, can beautifully play off a models clothing, skin tone and eyes.  There's a reason red is one of the most popular colors of lipstick.  Red can be incredibly dramatic and the color, and Ian's lighting, serves Dane well and really works to have the images pop.