Friday, December 5, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 5th

Kelson wears his boxers well!

Favorite Birthday Boy for December 5th Nick Stahl

Nick Stahl is one of our best actors, and I miss Carnivàle. Nick turns 29 today.

Below: Nick in 'Bully'.

Favorite NRL Player celebrating today: Cooper Cronk

One of my favorites, Australian professional rugby league player Cooper Cronk hits 25 today.

Also Celebrating today December 5th

Also Celebrating today December 5th

Beautiful actor Mariano Martinez from Argentina turns 30 today.

French Rugby player Xavier Garbajosa turns 32 today.

Actor, Performer and Playgirls 1985's man of the year Steve Rally turns 51 today.

Favorite Flashback of the Day: Alon Abutbul in 'A Place By The Sea'

The great Israeli actor, Alon Abutbul was 23 in 1988 when 'Makom L'Yad Hayam' (A Place By The Sea) was released. Alon may be known to some American audiences for roles in 'Rambo III' and more recently in the Leonardo Dicaprio flick 'Body Of Lies'. A three time nominee from the Israeli Film Academy Award, Alon is one of Israel's most successful actors. Alon is also an actor and producer. 'A Place By the Sea' is a visually beautiful film which I have not seen in a few years, but look forward to rewatching again in the future.

Below: A recent pic of Alon.