Saturday, March 19, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 20th

Gymn0s by YMIJ

Happy Birthday today March 20th

Happy 37th to actor and musician Chase Coleman!

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Chase by HelenOlds Photo


Spring is here which means it's again time to start planning, and looking forward to, the World's Naked Bike Rides.  Although in much of the world, the wnbr are scheduled  for the summer, some do begin in the late spring in some parts of the US and Canada. 

Although the pandemic didn't completely stop the rides, the last two years have fewer riders, and fewer photographers documenting the day.  Because of this, I had to head back into my archives to re-visit some of my favorite riders.  You can search the blog for more, or check out a few favorites that I didn't post on THE OVER-FLOW HERE:

Adam Goldgerg: Actors & SKIN

'I remember going to the movies with my dad and seeing 'Rocky'. I remember leaving the theatre and shadowboxing.  I wanted to become a boxer and an actor.'

Although he may not have become a boxer, Adam Goldberg hit Hollywood in the early 90's shortly after turning 20.  He soon began getting work on television and some of his early roles include guest roles on shows including:  Designing Women, Murphy Brown ER, NYPD Blue and of course his turn as Eddie on Friends.  Films quickly followed including roles in films which included; Dazed & Confused, A Beautiful Mind and Saving Private Ryan.

Although Goldberg showed a bit of skin many times on screen, the two films below are my favorites. His frontal is Two Days In Paris was brave (and quick) for an actor, I preferred his butt scene in 2016's Between Us.  In addition to acting, Goldberg has worked in most areas of the business from writing, producing and directing as well as composing music for two films.  An accomplished photographer, Goldberg shares many of his images on his website and on his Instagram. (HERE:)

Two Days in Paris (2007)

Marion and Jack try to rekindle their relationship with a visit to Paris, home of Marion's parents -- and several of her ex-boyfriends.

Between Us (2016)

Henry and Dianne fear that settling down means giving up on their dreams. It will take the universe conspiring to keep them apart for them to realize just how much they need each other.

Highlights: Olympus #10

Bob Birdsong

Chris Dickerson

John Corvello

Roger Callard

John Pruitt