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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 31st

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Happy Birthday today March 31st

Happy 60th to dancer, actor and politician Paul Mercurio!

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Exit to Eden (1994)

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Room With A View

Reel Rehabilitation

Back in 2014, the Internet was buzzing over the 'hot felon'.  I'm sure most of you remember the mug shot, (above) of criminal Jeremy Meeks who was arrested, along with three other men, in a multi-agency law enforcement mission dubbed Operation Ceasefire.  When the Stockton Police Department posted Meek's mug on their Facebook Page, the likes began pouring in and the image went viral.

Meeks was even tally convicted by a federal judge of one count of being a felon in possession of a firearm, and was sentenced to 27 months in federal prison.  Even before Meeks was book, strip searched and taken to his cell, offers were pouring into the jail, and to his mother, for modeling gigs.  

As hot as his face is, it was slightly disturbing, given his criminal history, how in 'demand' Meeks quickly became.  That being said, he did his time, and since his released, he's been staying out of trouble with modeling and acting gigs.  His modeling agency doesn't hide his criminal past, in fact, they use it to promote him.  His official modeling portfolio includes Meek's mug shot, as well as shots of him in an orange prison jumpsuit. 

I guess for some, crime does end up paying, especially if you have the face, the eyes, and the body of Jeremy Meeks.   As stated, Meeks not only models, but has had several movie and television roles over the last few years.  Last week, I saw some shots of Meek's nude scene from the 2020 flick, True To The Game 2.

Thanks to one of my favorite sites, Xander7's Nudity Corner, I was able to find some caps, and download the video of the scene.  You can check out more on Xander7's site HERE:  As you can see from the clip, Meek's extra large cock sock certainly gets stretched to it's limits....

True to the Game 2 (2020)

'After her friend's death, a NYC journalist becomes the target of a criminal looking to collect on a debt.'

Michael Au Naturel: A Private Form in a Public Forum

'Although I’d experimented with nude self-portraits many times over the years I never went so far as to share them with anyone.'

Last December, I was drawn to an image of a beautiful man.  The images was a simple shirtless shot, but I was struck by his handsome face, facial hair and structure, and his beautiful blue eyes. Given I create and write FH, I know that being drawn to an image of hot guy, isn't exactly a shock. There was something different however, and something special about about the image, and as I later learned, also about the man.  

I quickly got in touch with the model Michael Au Naturel, but my timing wasn't great. It was the week before Christmas and although Michael welcomed my reaching out, he was just heading out to visit family for the holidays. We agreed to reconnect in the New Year.  When I got in touch again in the New Year, Michael was juggling several new projects, including getting his new website and Patreon up and running.

I used to be surprised when models shared how shy and private they were.  There is still the notion that anyone posting nudes must be an extravert, confident and self-assured.  I've learned over the years this is often not the case.  Modeling, especially nude modeling, and often be a powerful impetus to a person's senses of self.  The concept of privacy is also radically changing with our on-lines lives often magnifying pieces of ourselves, we once kept hidden. 

As you're scrolling through the first few images, and hopefully reading my ramblings, I'm guessing like myself, many of you have been drawn to these images of Michael's handsome face and beautiful body.  Keeping scrolling down and I'm confident that Michael will hold your attention, with both this series of self-portraits, and also his story.

'I’ve been interested in the male form as well as nude photography and erotic art for as long as I can remember. I experimented with nude self-portraits for many years before I began sharing my work with an audience or modeling for photographers. 

Looking back, I think the passion was always present but I was apprehensive about putting myself out there in the way a nude model is required to. It wasn’t until more recently that I started considering heading down this path and considering modeling as anything more than a fantasy. At 37, I’m definitely a late bloomer but I think the comfort in your own skin that comes with age has definitely been a benefit in my modeling experiences so far! '

You're also a photographer, which came first, modeling or shooting?

I’m sometimes a little hesitant to call myself a “photographer” (and “model” half the time if we’re being honest) because I don’t own any professional equipment, but I do feel as though I have a natural eye for composition. I shot all of the outdoor photos shared here.

 I’ve always been fascinated with the outdoors in general and found the visual of the nude male form among nature especially intriguing in terms of a photography subject. Even before I began taking my own self-portraits, I was always drawn to this type of imagery. I think the male form is beautiful on its own, but there is something magical about seeing it juxtaposed against a natural backdrop. 

What has been your favorite modeling experience thus far? 

I think my favorite modeling experience so far was the chance to shoot with Eric G. Brown in December last year. He’s a photographer who specializes in shooting the male form in urban decay environments, which is a concept I’ve always been intrigued by and wanted to explore. The day we shot was absolutely freezing, and even more so when you’re completely nude in an abandoned warehouse, but the photos blew my mind when I saw them. Eric is a true professional and works magic with the camera! 

Is the “Au Naturel” in your credit a nod to shooting nudes, shooting in nature, or about your style in front of the camera? 

'When I was trying to decide on a name I remember wanting something that, given the intimacy of my work, had a personal meaning and was fun without being too corny. I was lying in bed one night when “Michael Au Naturel” popped into my head and I knew it was the one. The name, which is also kind of my modeling persona, actually has four levels of depth. The first two have to do with shooting nude and shooting in nature, as suggested. The third is a nod to my family’s French heritage, and the fourth is that the initials are “M.A.N.” I’m a perfectionist at heart and spend a lot of time thinking about (and overthinking) everything I do, so you can be sure there’s always intent behind even the smallest of details!' 

Why do you think you like modeling? 

It might sound strange, but I have a hard time trying to visualize how I look to the outside world, if that makes sense. For example, I’m almost a 38-year-old man, but for some reason, I still don’t picture myself as an adult, even though I’m mature and have my life together. I feel like I look different in every mirror and half the time when I see myself in photos, I’m surprised at how I look. It’s almost a “wow, that’s me?” moment each time. I think modeling helps me firm up a mental image of myself and acts as a sort of reassurance that I, at least physically, embody the kind of male image I find appealing.

What factors did you weigh before deciding to take it all off? 

I’m a pretty private person in “real life” and don’t take many risks or step out of my comfort zone, as hard as that might be to believe. Although I’d experimented with nude self-portraits many times over the years I never went so far as to share them with anyone. I think what stopped me from considering nude modeling as anything other than a fantasy was fear of the unknown. Would I regret these photos years down the road? Would it turn my life upside down if I shared them with an audience? What would happen if a family member, friend, or coworker found them? These were all questions I asked myself many times and to be honest, still do. I don’t know what the future holds and how this or any other part of my life will pan out, but I’m trying to be true to myself and accept that I’m a multi-faced person. Nude modeling just happens to be one of those facets. 

Has modeling nude been an issue with a significant other?

I’ve been single for the last couple of years and don’t date much, so I haven’t had a need yet to discuss nude modeling with a potential partner. I’ve definitely thought about how I would bring the subject up and it would have to be at a point where we trusted one another and felt the other was open to and accepting of one another’s differences. I would totally understand if dating a nude model wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I would hope that, with honesty and open communication, it wouldn’t be an issue with someone who truly loved me for me. In an ideal world, I would love to be with someone who not only accepts my ambitions but supports and encourages them no matter what they are. Tell me about your first nude shoot. 

This self-portrait series was all shot outside, how private was the location, any worries about people passing by? 

'Even though I’ve made nature a main theme of my work, I actually live in a major city with very little privacy or remote areas. After doing a little exploring around some of the parks on the edges of the city, I did manage to find a few somewhat secluded areas where I can set up and shoot my self-portraits, but unfortunately, I’m always on high alert because other people are usually never too far off. I’ve had a few close calls where hikers or cyclists have shown up unexpectedly on a nearby trail, but as far as I know, no one has seen me. 

I’ll usually set up the intended shot and get everything ready to go before I get in place and undress, leaving my clothes within arm’s reach in case I need to duck out of view quickly. I’d love to be able to shoot in a remote location where I could have the freedom to be more creative while nude, but I’ve been able to work with what I have for now.'

With so many models starting OnlyFans, what made you head to Patreon? 

'As a creator, I wanted to be able to share my work in many different formats and after doing a little research, I found Patreon to be the better fit for the kind of content I wanted to create. Besides posting photos, I’d always wanted to publish a digital book or magazine in PDF form and found that Patreon supported more file formats than OnlyFans. After launching my Patreon, I achieved my goal and was able to offer subscribers my first “Photo Collection” digital book, a 32-page collection of more than 60 photos with an introduction written by me. This book serves as the first chapter of my chronicles in nude modeling and I have plans for additional volumes and other similar exclusive content in the future! 

After getting my start on Flickr and developing a following, the goal for Patreon was to create a place to offer my higher quality, premium content to individuals interested in subscribing. This includes exclusive photo sets not available anywhere else, downloads like my digital book, and a more personalized experience through written posts accompanying all media. I appreciate my audience and really enjoy interacting. I’m also looking to add video content in the very near future that will give subscribers a behind-the-scenes look at my process and bring them into the world of Michael Au Naturel in a more dynamic and intimate way. I shot some footage last fall that I’ll be editing together to share shortly, so now is the time to subscribe!'

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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 29th

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Happy Birthday today March 29th

Happy 66th to actor Christopher Lambert

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Lambert in The Sicilian (1987)

Seasonal Sightings:

 Yes, I know it's spring, but given it's windy and lightly snowing as I write this, a snowy shot seemed appropriate.

Prime Time Supporters: David Sederholm

'Uh huh. I wasn't interested in 40 year old men then, and I guess I'm still not.'

The line above, comes from the first episode of the second season of Frasier. I was recently flicking channels and caught the classic episode, Slow Tango in South Seattle, on TV.  Those who remember, or for those who never saw it, Frasier visits his old piano teacher who he had sex with when he was just a teenager.  She was about 20 years older, and into younger guys.  


When Frasier asks her out, she replies with the line above.  The line was said after her hot young date, (above) arrives at the door.  Although he was only on-screen for a few seconds, said only one line, and didn't have a name, I was smitten.  The actor had such a handsome, chiseled face, I thought I must have known him from somewhere.  I did, and I'm guessing most of you did as well. 

David by Barry King

The actor's name is David Sederholm and his chiseled face was regularly seen on television in the 1980's and 1990's.  Sederholm made his professional debut in the 1981 horror flick, The Prowler, and went on to spend much of the 80's on daytime tv including a regular run on the soap Ryan's Hope.  

After leaving the soap in 1985, Sederholm was a regular guest on episodic television in shows including: Sledge Hammer, Night Court, Dougie Howser MD, Ellen, Married With Children and Perfect Strangers.  He also had small parts in films including; Beastmaster 2, Hexed 2, and The Hunt For Red October.  

In addition to his memorable, though brief, turn on Frasier, some readers might remember his Valentine's strip on an episode of  Mama' Family. (below).  More of you however, I'm sure remember Sederholm as the hot hunk in the coma, (credited as Coma Guy) that both Phoebe and Monica fall for in a 1995 episode in the first season of Friends

Mama's Family


I was hoping to find out more about the actor, but he's mostly disappeared from acting, and the net.  His last credit on IMDB was over 20 years ago and I couldn't find him on social media.  At first I thought I found some sexy shots, but turned out to be model David Sederholm, who although shares the name, and the handsome face, is at least 25 or 30 years younger than what the actor's age would be. 

Shortcut through the Back Yard: JD by Eddie Christie

' I said that he would have to get an erection, and he didn't bat an eye.'

FH viewers are aware how much I love urban and rural landscapes in imagery focused on the male form.  Some of my favorite images and posts feature abandoned buildings, overgrown forests, urban decay and long forgotten spaces.  One of my favorite pieces featuring the theme was Symmetry Happens, (HERE:) a 2011 piece featuring photographer Eddie Christie and his work with Jeremy Rowback. (Derek Atlas)

I loved how Eddie captured Jeremy in the abandoned building and especially loved how Jeremy's poses were so consistent with his surroundings and how interacted so intimately with the location.  I featured several of Eddie's shoots in the early 2010's and have been hoping to again spotlight his work on the site.  Although the Pennsylvania based photographer has semi-retired from shooting, well at least as much as he used to, he's still up for that special project or model. Eddie is also still active on Model Mayhem and I recently began to see his images pop up in the site's pic of the day contest and decided it was time to get back in touch.

Not only do I love the way Eddie tells a story with his images, he also is great to share the story of his shoots.  This series, and this story, features JD, a guy Eddie knew from his childhood neighborhood.   JD lived across the street from Eddie's father, and they've known each other since they were both children.  When JD and his family first moved into the house, Eddie gave his family the bunkbed Eddie and his brother used to sleep on.

When JD's family moved in, Eddie's family did the neighborly thing, brining them over food and sharing the history of the house and the area.   It was not JD however, that Eddie was initially attracted to.  Eddie found JD's dad really attractive, and it was he, who he initially lusted after.  Eddie spent quite a bit of time hanging out at JD's house and with JD's dad.  Eddies expressed an interest in Dad's rock and gem collection which opened the door for many moments and conversation.  

'I actually lived up the street but eventually moved away. As it being that my dad still lived in the same house I would see them from time to time. I don't really remember the first time I approached JD but he used to take a shortcut to go downtown through my dad's back yard, it was an acre long hill that went down. One day I was visiting my father and I was sitting on the back porch. JD walked by and as our usual hellos i just asked him if he would model for me. 

Time went by, maybe a few days, the usual conversations go by but one day he asked me if I was still interested in a photoshoot. He asked a few questions but I think for him it was all about the money. He was totally 100% comfortable getting and posing nude.'

As soon as they arrived at the location and signed a model release, and before Eddie even asked, JD's clothes were on the ground and he was completely naked.  The original concept Eddie had was for JD just to wander through the woods.  Everyone once in awhile, when they hit a scenic spot, Eddie would asked him to stop, pose, and then they'd continue on.  Although JD had never modeled before, he moved and posed instinctively, and Eddie shares he required almost no direction beyond asking him to pose. 

'If I took a bad photo it was my fault. We did both photoshoots at one of my friends property. It was a place I had gone camping off and on. We were far enough away that there was no one around but the two of us, the birds and squirrels. We had 150 acres to roam but stayed within just one. '

'I ran into him again a few months later at a gas station, he needed some money and asked if we could do another photoshoot. I said that he would have to get an erection, and he didn't bat an eye. In fact I think that's what he thought was going to happen in the first photo shoot . We made a time and date and went back to the same place. Like with the first shoot, he was a good model, even without any professional experience.  We planned on a third shoot, but he moved to another town with his girlfriend. I never saw or heard from him again. I don't think she was that supportive of him continuing his naked shoot in the woods. '