Sunday, October 4, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 5th

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Room With A View

Piece of Meat

I've done a few pieces on the 80's Porky's series over the years, especially comparing the original VHS release with the DVD version.  There is one character however, I've not focused on.  This character has a nickname, which was the burnt of more than a few jokes in the movie trilogy.  Whether it was accurate was always the question.  Decide for yourself on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

A Good Read: Robbie by Jack Saul Photography

'Robbie's fearless and very independent, the sort of person who is always looking for new experiences. He lives on his wits.'

I written before about the nomad photographer, the artist who travels from place to place in order to shoot.  Without a home studio as their base, the wandering artist, often travels, shooting models in the towns and cities where they live.  This forces them to find local locations to shoot, often utilizing motel rooms, as their temporary studios.

On the surface, motel rooms might seem a bit creatively limiting, white walls, generic furniture, and little, in the way of architectural design.  For some, this sterile atmosphere might be challenging, but for some photographers, it's actually an asset.  London based photographer Jack Saul always manages to pull out the essence of the models he shoots using the motel's banal surroundings, as an especially effective foundation.

Given how devoid of color most hotel rooms tend to be, the models Jack shoots are always the focus, with the rooms providing minimal distraction, or places to hide.  Their personalities seem more present, their body art, more in focus.  Every aspect of their body, their face and appearance are magnified, through both Jack's lens, and the natural light from the large windows.  You can check out a few of my favorite motel room shots from Jack, with a variety of models, on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Jack uses few tricks and minimal process and editing, he wants the men he shoots to be seen as they are.  With Robbie, Jack wanted the viewer to see how warm and friendly he is, as well as his wit, and dry sense of humour.  Robbie wasn't asked to flex but to just be himself.   The goal, to tell as truthful a story as possible.  Even though the camera was on him, Jack wanted Robbie to utilize the space, as if naked and alone in the room.

'Nothing seems to faze him and he takes everything in his stride. In terms of modelling, he's looking to develop as a fitness/physique model but is very open-minded to all concepts. He definitely has a cheeky exhibitionist streak.'

Originally from Poland, Robbie moved to the UK as a teenager just a few years ago.  One of the goals for Robbie with this shoot with Jack, was to begin to form the basis of a visual series. The series will be in part, to show his personality, his self designed body art, and the physical development as he transforms on his journey to be a fitness and physique model.  You can check in on Robbie's progress on his Instagram page HERE:

Horror Hunks: Jack Reynor in Midsommar

'Let the festivities begin!'

Those festivities, may not exactly be what's expected by the characters in last year's folk horror flick Midsommar.  The movie follows a trip of friends who travel to Sweden for a festival that only occurs every 90 years.  What begins as an idyllic retreat, quickly devolves into an increasingly violent and bizarre competition at the hands of a bizarre pagan cult.

'I’m trying to keep an open mind though. It’s cultural, you know?'

Christian may be open minded, but he and girlfriend Dani (Florence Pugh) are about to enter... lets say a rough patch, in their relationship.  While drugged, Christian is coerced into a sexual ritual designed to impregnate of the cults female members. Eventually, Christian comes to his senses and attempts to get away.  He doesn't succeed, and ends up then paralyzed by one of the cult's elders.

Christian is played by Irish-American actor Jack Reynor who has an impressive acting resume which includes roles in 2012's What Richard Did for which he won an IFTA Award for best film actor.  Reynor's moved between blockbusters including Transformers: Age of Extinction to films like Macbeth and Glassland which garnered the actor another award, this time the Cinema Dramatic Special Jury Award at the Sundance Film Festival.  Reynor also recently appeared in the CBS All Access series Strange Angel.

The film's sexual ritual scene was quite shocking for some viewers as it included full frontal nudity from it's male star.  Viewers are used to seeing female characters both nude and venerable in horror scenes, but it was Christian with the most exposure in Midsommar.  The scene was quite long, and I oddly found especially hot when one of the female elders put her hands on Christian's ass during the ritual to help push his trusting along.  Love Reynor's uncomfortable look back.