Thursday, December 13, 2007

Favorite Classic Playgirl guy for Dec 13th: Charles Edmond

The Hunky Charles Edmond, Playgirl, February 1992.

Guy to keep your eye on: Joe Fria

Ever watch tv and instantly be attracted to a guy. That is what happened to me with Joe Fria. It was an epsisode of Gilmore Girls, I Solemnly Swear. It was not a sex scene, he was not shirtless, he was just a great actor, funny and warm. In a couple of short scenes I wanted to know what else Joe Fria was in. He has a winning smile, and a presence which was inviting. I am looking forward to checking out more of the work of actor Joe Fria.

Joe in a few of his many stage roles.

Joe's Official Website:

Joe Fria in Gilmore Girls

Here is Joe with Lauren Graham and Melissa McCarthy in the episode I Solemnly Swear on Gilmore Girls.

Favorite Hunk of The Day: Hugh Jackman

Who could not love Hugh Jackman. Firstly his smile, secondly his chest, secondly his talent. As great as it is to see him shirtless on screen, it is equally hot seeing him dance and sing on stage. He has a classic face and body, and although with the exception of a brief butt shot in Halifax afraid of the dark, he is still a favorite hunk. I just wish Hugh would lay off the hero and sci fi roles as his talent is beyond playing Wolferine for sequel after sequel.

More Hugh Jackman

Pic Series of The Day: Dec 13th

Favorite Pic of the Day: December 13th

Wish I saw sites like this one on my street...

Favorite Birthday Boy for December 13th Jamie Foxx

The talented Jamie Foxx turns 40 today.

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