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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 26th

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Happy Birthday today April 26th

Happy 42nd to actor Channing Tatum!

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The Lost City (2022)

Even covered in leeches Tatum's tuchus is a work of art!

Careers to Consider...

 Not sure what the interviewer is asking, but I'm guessing this was a memorable assignment. 

Peter Facinelli: Rear View Mirror

As a lover of the male form, I know there's not an expiration date sexy.  Sure, the media wants us to think there is, but a hot ass is a hot ass at any age.  Most actors seem to do the lion's share of their on-screen nudity in their late teens and twenties, then zip it up, tightly, for the rest of their film career.

I think it's more the studio's choice than the actor and thankfully a few actors, like Viggo Mortensen, refuse to keep it zipped.  With my Actors & Skin series,  I love following the nudity resume of actors and witnessing the changes in their roles, their acting abilities, and their bodies over time.  

When I first started seriously studying the male form in cinema, there were many caps of actor Peter Facinelli in my desktop folders.  Facinelli left his studies at St. John's University after a year to follow his interest in acting.  He joined The Atlantic Theater Company Acting School in New York studying under many distinguished and Academy Award winning actors.

Facinelli first stripped down on-screen 25 years ago for his role in FoxFire in 1996..  In the next five years, Peter's pants came off several times for roles on both television and in film.  Although he continue to go shirtless in a few roles, the last time the pants came off was over twenty years ago in 2000.  That is, until now.

Honest (2000)

FoxFire (1996)

Supernova (2000)

Thanks to the posters who shared their clips and caps from Facinelli's recent turn in AppleTV's Anthology series Roar.  Peter looks as amazing as ever posing with his grapes and his bountiful butt looks as appetizing as ever.


The Naked Traveler: Tweet Dreams are made of This

'Jumping into the ocean in Tenerife . Yes I like swimming naked but I also like tan lines.'

I love images that stimulate, both my visual senses  as well as my imagination.  I also love imagery that makes me dream.  Sure, some of the dreams are about the hot men pictured, but many of the dreams expand beyond the male form.  So many images arouse my creative juices and have me wanting to once again pick up a camera.   Many have me dreaming of concepts that I'd love to create and shoot. 


Some of my favorite images have me dreaming of travel, and visiting the many places on my long list of dream destinations.  Although I traveled extensively when I was in my teens and twenties, my trips came to a stand still when I started working full time. I think many of my friends are tired of listening to me talk about travel, I've been taking and dreaming of a long European vacation for years now.  


'Spring time in Tuscany'🌼

For one reason or another, the pandemic included, I keep putting it off.  I am however, back in the planning stages.  I'm starting with renewing my passport.  My list of destinations is long, but usually begins in the UK.

Last month, I was fortunate to discover the Twitter account of the Naked Traveler.  NT describes himself simply as a guy who travels who on occasion loves to take his clothes off outside.  When I first discovered his page, I immediately started to dream and my desire to travel was once again, intensely sparked.

The Rub' al Khali 

Most of the images were shot in Europe and Africa and so many of the places captured the NT's images are places I want to visit.  I also love discovering new places, some I'd heard of, but knew little about, some I wasn't familiar with at all. I loved that a few of these images had me Googling, and the locations, ( especially Levanzo and Guadeloupe ) are now added to my long li

British Virgin Islands

Rio de Janeiro 

In addition to the NT's beautiful body, and incredibly hot tan lines, I was drawn to incredible detail and colors in his images.   Whenever people travel to tropical designations they often comment on the colors.   'The water is so blue' is heard from many people on their first day on vacation.  The blues and the greens the NT captured are stunning and not only captured the locations, but brought them to life.


I could almost hear the ocean rushing in and feel the peace and tranquility of the islands visited. When I asked the NT about featuring his imagery, I was surprised that he wasn't sure they were good enough to share.  These images had me absorbed in every detail and dreaming of visiting each location.  They also had me  looking forward to seeing where he journey's to next. 


Levanzo Island