Sunday, September 8, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 8th

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Happy Birthday today September 8th

I often took the month of September off from blogging. When researching today's birthdays, I realized that in the six years of covering celebrity birthdays I have only covered the 8th of September once, back in 2008. It was a great day for blowing out candles though, check them all out HERE:, HERE: & HERE:

Happy Grandparents Day:

I never really had grandparents, 3 of 4 were dead by the time I was 5 and the last one lived so far away I only saw them a few times. That doesn't mean that I don't appreciate their importance. I had some wonderful older great aunts and uncles who were saviours to me at different times in my live. Happy Grandparents Day to any grandparents and their grandparent who may follow the blog!

One of my favorite Grandmothers was Mother Jefferson. Zara Cully was a riot and although I haven't seen much of the show, I have been catching up with some classic episodes on YouTube. There are many great episodes but if your a fan of Mother Jefferson, I would start HERE: with Mother Jefferson's Fall.

Up On The Roof: Jonathan by JrChristiansenStudio

One of my favorite features to put together this past summer was Cornered by JrChristiansenStudio. When I started the piece I had no idea of where I was going, but the images took me an interesting place in my memories. When spending time with Jr's portfolio however, there were a couple of models whose look, and images deserved attention of their own. One of my favorites was Jonathan.

'The shoot with Jonathan was great and this was my 2nd shoot with him. He's very laid back, super sweet & fun. He is also a very popular Dancer/Party Host in the NYC area. As well as a budding photographer!'

22 yr old Jonathan describes himself as a Colombian and Dominican Singer/Songwriter open to 'almost' anything. I love Jonathan's look and especially love the way Jr shot and framed his incredible physique with the side view profile body images. I always think that with a rooftop location, part of the excitement, in the work, and the final images, is wondering how many unsuspecting people, in their offices or homes, might be watching. Minding their own business, by simply glancing out of their windows, they become and interactive and voyeuristic participant in what is going on up on the roof.

Hans Fahrmeyer: Shower PHAT down

It was while working on a 2011 Sunday's With Hans that I was first introduced to porn star Phat Daddy. So overtly sexual, subtlety or restraint are not a part of his make-up. Thankfully, those are words I don't use often for photographer Hans Fahrmeyer, making for a great partnership.

If you head on over to Han's tumblr page, Phat jumps into the shower, and as Adele's Someone Like You plays in the background, Phat gets things quickly steamy as he jumps in the shower and lathers up in a brand new video!