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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 31st

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Double Knot


Ad Men

'Runners. Yeah, We're Different'
Adidas, 1998

Jack O'Connell: Another Brick in the Wall

'Australian director Benedict Andrews attempts to break the pharaoh-o-meter by parading his male star, young and willing Jack O’Connell (increasingly a Hollywood contender) in the altogether for an inordinate amount of gasp-inducing time... Lights up: water from a freestanding shower cascades down on the 26-year-old O’Connell’s hunched, tattoo’d form (sitting on a raked charcoal-grey carpet) drenching every visible inch, so to speak, aside from a plaster-cast right foot.'

Since first seeing the 1958 film version of Tennessee Williams Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, I try to check it out, or at least record it, each time it airs on TMC. I fell in love with the film, the dialogue and the incredible performances the first time I saw it just a few years ago. My first viewing in 2013 inspired a FH post about the film, Paul Newman, and the many actors I researched who took on the role of Brick on stage. (A Ton of Bricks)

After watching it again last weekend, I again headed to google to see if any other actors that I knew had taken on the role since my first piece. I was rewarded. The intensely hot actor Jack O'Connell, who I knew mostly from his time on the series Skins, took the stage last year with Sienna Miller in a London production. From all accounts, both actors sizzled, with director Benedict Andrews making the artistic choice to start and end Act one with his Brick (O'Connell) completely naked on stage.

The show begins with Brick sitting on stage under a shower. He stands up, and takes a good minute or two before putting on a towel, a towel which remains his only wardrobe, except again for that leg cast, for the remainder of Act One. The towel comes off at the end of the act when Brick steps into the shower for another shower. ElleUK described Jack's performance as startling, especially moving as the failed athlete's forced masculinity gives way to stifling sadness and repressed homosexuality. 'The transition from an alcohol-induced numbness to a climactic display of vitriol is deeply moving; Jack takes on Brick's sadness with astonishing conviction'

Brick may be the first time O'Connell took it all off on stage, but had some brief nudity on Skins, and showed it all in the 2013 prison drama, Starred Up. (Below) Jack talked about his on stage nudity in an interview last year with Variety.

Did you know you’d have to shower onstage?
In the writing, the shower is offstage. Brick’s first few lines of dialogue would traditionally be offstage. Look, it was a bit of a curve ball. You have to try to get your head around it. I just went with it. I was given the option to wear swimwear, to keep my modesty intact. That’s the easy way out. You think, “When does anyone really shower with underwear on?” I find that more distracting.

Were you nervous?
Not really. I guess I was nervous when I started going nude in rehearsals. I thought: we’re getting close to previews, I might as well start realizing what this is, or how this feels, while I was naked. So yeah, the clothes came off in the rehearsal room. I was grateful for that. By the time the previews were happening, a lot of people in the production had seen what it is like to start the play naked.

Although Jack's turn on stage as Brick ended late last year, the production was filmed for National Theatre Live and is hitting theatres in February. I am not sure how much of Jack will be shown in the film version of the play but check out more at NT Live HERE: and see if it's playing near you HERE:

Production photography by Johan Persson

Starred Up (2013)

Practical Spontaneity: Jack by rmark_photography

'Jack's spontaneity combined with my practicality to produce our best results.'

FH started off 2018 featuring the work of The Richard from Third Eye and his work with Donovan. (A Stroke of Fortune) While working on the piece, I was drawn to some images in Donovan's portfolio from rmark_photography, images that appeared to have been taken in same studio and space that Richard utilizes. When I asked Richard about the images, he shared that Roger (rmark) had been in Ohio over the holidays and had photographed Donovan along with him during the shoot.

Richard enthusiastically encouraged me to get in touch with Roger calling him a tremendous artist and teacher and one who manages to find many interesting models to work with. I immediately headed to Roger's ModelMayhem page and although there were many incredible shots and models, I was drawn to one image in particular. The image, the last one in this piece, was of Jack, sitting and looking out the window. I loved the pose and feel of the shot and the light from the window streaming in over Jack's body and skin.

Roger describes his process as methodical and deliberate, and Jack's as more energetic and spontaneous. Roger describes the first few images that they created as just 'ok'. It took a few shots, and a few minutes to blend their two different working styles, but once they achieved a rhythm, Jack became more animated with his posing more natural and playful. Originally Jack had wanted Roger to shoot him cutting the grass, but Roger wanted to go a bit beyond just the mowing and added some digging and gardening and some other yard work into the mix. Inevitably when gardening, the plants will also need to be watered... cue the hose.

'After taking the photographs of Jack mowing the lawn in his jock, I asked him to hold his hand out as he would if it felt like it was going to rain. This was my favorite photograph of him with the mower. Jack then mentioned the idea of using the water-hose to wash off and I suggested a spot in his yard that would show that off with the light at that hour.'

There is nothing better after mowing the lawn than a tall cold beer so after shooting on the back lawn, Roger and Jack headed to the porch to capture the shot above. Roger arranged things on the porch including the placement of his shoes and pants to create the feeling that they were spontaneously removed to cool down Jack's sweaty body after all of his hard work. At the point in the day, Roger noticed the light from the window was becoming soft and quiet and suggested they move inside to capture this fleeting moment of light. Roger says their initially opposing work styles led to a dynamic collaboration resulting in fun and playful shots in the backyard, and the sensuous shot by the bedroom window representing the best of both Jack's work as a model, and his as a photographer.

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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 29th

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Quaternate: Robert J. Guttke

'I usually ask the guys to just look pissed. Makes for better drama since I am stretching bodies into pain thresholds...'

One of the most fascinating themes to explore in any art form has always been pain. Physical pain, emotional pain and the intense pain that inevitably comes hand in hand with forced change, that we all experience. Robert's fearlessness in embracing pain within his work is one of the reasons his images resonate with me. The models Robert shoots are their height of physical perfection, meaning hours and hours of hard work and pain in order push their bodies to it's limits. Then, Robert doesn't light and shoot them, but instead has them scale the sides of buildings, hang from cranes, and contort their bodies in ways the gym couldn't possibly prepare them for.

They say there's no beauty without pain, and that's especially true due to it's fleeting nature. There is a raw honesty in this that Robert manages to capture, creating images that tell stories beyond the moment that they're taken. Although Robert continues to shoot new models and new work, when his schedule allows, he continues go through his body of work, scanning film, and recalling the stories associated with them. Luckily, I often to get hear the uncensored stories, stories for the most part, better shared in images, than in words. Check out more of Robert's stories at his site, Guttke's Classic Nudes HERE: and check out the many stories he shared with FH below:

2015 -2018

2013 / 2014


Happy Birthday today January 29th

Happy 41st to actor Justin Hartley!

Check out more of Justin on FH HERE:
& today's Birthdays HERE: & HERE:

A Tight Takedown

'Mastering the ability to bounce back...'

No one can say Riverdale doesn't know their audience and actor KJ Apa doesn't seem to mind giving that audience exactly what they're looking for. KJ has been bouncing back on his Twitter and Snapchat for fans for awhile, but I was a pleasantly surprised at the close up of his bouncing blue balls on last weeks episode.

Last weeks episode was a smorgasbord but bulging body parts in blue, featuring KJ, Casey Cott, (Kevin) Jordan Calloway (Chuck) and a cast of hot extras in wrestling singlets.

KJ's co-star Casey Cott posted on Twitter that he didn't mind at all filming the wrestling scene above, not sure he feels the same way about KJ surprising him in the bathroom..

Hungry Eyes: Keith by Robert J Guttke

'Guttke hopes others share in his aesthetic appreciation. But experience has also led him to believe that once the picture is out there, hungry eyes want to do with it what they will. 'One cannot control the reaction of the audience.'

Most artists who make their focus the male form at one point or another ask themselves a certain question. 'What is the difference between art and porn?' Why are some depictions of the male nude hung in living room and art galleries, and others... hidden in plastic or brown wrappers on the drugstores magazine rack. In one of my early features on his work, Robert J Guttke answered that question with just three simple words, 'Lighting and Intent.'

I was lucky to be connected with the Minneapolis artist, sculpture, photographer and writer back in 2012 when I interviewed Robert for the 5th issue of tMf magazine. During the course of putting together the piece, Robert sent me a variety of samples of his work featuring different models, themes and locations. In the hundreds of images of Robert's that I have seen, the lighting was always exquisite, and intent, never in question. Hungry eyes may be briefly satisfied by a hot body, but it never lasts. Shortly, the need for another fix, another body returns. Robert's images leave viewers artistically full and nourished, savoring the visual without the desire or instant need for more.

With model such as Keith, many photographers might be ok 'sliding by' focusing on his impressive physique or his photo ready penis. Keith earned his hard body running track at St. Cloud university and eventually added weight lifting, going on to become Mr. Minnesota. Not content to just capture his body, the intent with this shoot was to push it to it's limits. Robert began by scheduling the shoot at one of his favorite locations, now sadly, long demolished. Making use of the soft light during the rainy, over cast day, Robert pushed Keith athletically to have his well defined body appear even more extreme.

'Muscles actually in motion and DOING something tend to be more interesting and are a design project within themselves: marvelous shapes so often disguised by clothes. Thus the innocence of nudity reveals wonders.'