Monday, November 16, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 17th

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 Many realty fans are aware that Survivor's Ozzy Lusth appeared in a Playboy couples video prior to his time on Cook Islands. (HERE:)  Like many reality stars, Ozzy's now started an OnlyFans page to give his fans more of what they've been asking for.

FaVorites: Carlos Ortiz

From the most I saw my first image of Spanish model Carlos Ortiz, I was immediately taken and struck by his beauty in front of the camera.  This was especially true in these two shoots from photographers Nico Bustos and Fede Delibes

Carlos by Nico Bustos

Carlos Ortiz: Stats
Height: 181 CM - 5 FT 11 IN. 
Chest: 95 CM - 37.4 IN. 
Waist: 75 CM - 29.5 IN. 
Hips: 93 CM - 36.6 IN. 
Shoes: 43.0 EU - 9.0 UK. 
Hair: Brown. 
Eyes: Brown.

Carlos by Fede Delibes

12 Days: Mark Ghanimé in Candy Cane Christmas

A woman searches for a new tradition to lift her holiday spirits when her neighbors decide to skip the annual Christmas decoration festivities.

After an admittedly 'half-hearted' boycott of the Hallmark channel at the end of last year, I watched my first Christmas movie of the season this past weekend.  Technically, Candy Cane Christmas was produced by Lifetime, but to be honest, I didn't really know that when I watched.  My boycott, mostly based on the lack of diversity may have been well intended, but ultimately, I didn't really put too much effort into it.

A lack of effort, is really why these 'paint by numbers' films work so well, and can be so enjoyable and distracting during difficult times.  The last couple of months have been challenging for me personally, so I didn't give myself too much of a hard time for escaping down Candy Cane lane.  It was especially easy to escape such such a beautiful guide in the form of actor Mark Ghanimé.

In addition to being 'easy escapes',I also love Hallmark and Lifetime films to check out the holiday hunks.  I love finding nude scenes of the actors playing strait laced holiday hero's, and I love even more discovering actors I hadn't been introduced to before.  The latter was the case with Canadian actor and producer Mark Ghanimé.

Ghanimé may be familiar to many viewers for his many guest-starring and regular roles on television.  Although born in Alberta, the now Vancouver based actor has appeared on a wide array of shows, most which were based or filmed in Canada.  Some of the actors appearances include roles on Emily Owens M.D, Reign, Private Eyes and Helix. Ghanimé also currently co-stars on the series The Wedding Planners

Private Eyes (2016)

Although Ghanimé hasn't done any nude scenes that I could find, his smile and charisma was off the charts.  In Candy Cane Christmas he played, what else, a small town vet with a heart of gold.  Surprisingly single of course, as one can only be in a holiday romance film.  Male leads are always a bit wounded in holiday films.  Not wounded to the point of being damaged, but just wounded enough to be single and ready when he runs into a former female tv star, in this case, when buying a poinsettia for his aunt.

Reign (2015-2017)

A Perambulate in Provincetown: Juanzito by Bob Burkhardt

'I was a bit nervous because this was my first actual photo shoot and I didn't know what to expect.'

There are certain lessons in life, we sadly have to learn again and again.  I learned a long time ago never to judge a book by it's cover.  Even so, I still often struggle, especially when presented with a spectacular package.  When I first saw images of Juanzito from photographer Bob Burkhardt, I was instantly struck by his look and incredible beauty. 

Juanzito has an incredibly body, a toned physique clearly the result of dedication, commitment and hours and hours of hard work. Juanzito is also blessed with a handsome face, a great ,welcoming smile and beautifully expressive eyes.   I wouldn't have initially thought he'd be especially nervous about having his picture taken. Juanzito's nerves weren't really about his appearance however, they were more about the possible impact on his life and career.

When he first came in contact with Bob, Juanzito was active in the military, and the nerves were about the possible implications of a photo shoot, especially given all of the restrictions about what he was, and wasn't allowed to do.  Still, when Bob sent him a message saying they should talk, Juanzito was intrigued. Bob explained his speciality, and described what kind of shoot he'd like to do, and after a few messages back and forth, a shoot was scheduled in Provincetown.

'Bob had told me that he specializes in fine art nudes and fitness photography and asked if I felt comfortable doing nudes.  At the time, I wasn't comfortable doing any nudity, especially given I was still active in the military, and that was not allowed.  The most I was comfortable doing was an underwear shoot.  Bob was great and very respectful and came up with different concepts that fit with my boundaries and comfortability.'

When Bob first saw  Juanzito's shots on Facebook, he was immediately struck by his photos.  Juanzito was living in Boston at the time, and they agreed to meet while Bob was on vacation in Provincetown.  Juanzito took the ferry over, and despite his nerves, says that Bob quickly put him at ease.  The day began with Bob taking the new model on a mini tour, perambulating around town.  Not only did give them the opportunity to talk and discuss the shoot, it also gave Bob the opportunity to scope out locations for them to shoot. 

'Juanzito was shy and quiet at first but that passed as we started talking and working together. I enjoyed watching him turn heads as we walked through town.'

'Given it was my first photo shoot, my level of confidence wasn't the best and I was scared of taking pictures, especially of taking pictures by a photographer known for his great and tasteful work. Bob was very understanding just encouraged me to relax told me to be myself. I kept thinking to myself. 'Gosh, this is much harder than I thought.'  I had taken creative photos of myself, but it is so much different when someone takes a photo of you.'

This shoot, and the experience of working with Bob served as the beginning of Juanzito's journey into fitness modeling.  Because of his work with Bob, Juanzito was contacted by multiple photographers and the shoot not only opened doors and opportunities, it also helped him feel more confidence in himself, and with being in front of the camera.