Friday, March 20, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 20th

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Happy Birthday today March 20th

Happy 29th to actor Dean Geyer!

One of the few bright (and insanely hot) parts of Glee's 4th season.

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The Hope!

Happy First Day of Spring!

The Reality...

FH Flashback: Rob Lowe in Masquerade, 1988

I can't say for sure, but if memory serves me, Masquerade was the first time I laid eyes on actor Rob Lowe. I actually wasn't a huge fan of Lowe until a few years ago but I remember distinctly sitting in the theatre with my friends as Lowe's luscious bottom graced the big screen in front of me.

Masquerade co-starred star of the moment Meg Tilly along with memorable performances from Kim Catrall, John Glover and a tighty whitie wearing young actor Doug Savant. Masquerade certainly wasn't one of Lowe's best films, but it was pop corn eating fun for an 12 year old kid on a Saturday night at the movies. The movie has had surprisingly few television airings and the only copy I could find was a non HD non wide screen DVD version. I included Lowe's lovely butt baring scene below.

Lowe with John Glover

Every One Of His Moments: Marshawn Randolph by LightWeaver

'Marshawn's a pretty fierce young man I must say. I'd love to see Tyra take him under her wing on America's Next Top Model. Marshawn would definitely shine on that show. Hopefully we'll do a round two sooner rather than later. Either way I'm sure you'll see more of him!'

Every time I feature the work of Indianapolis photographer Jay Rickard, (LightWeaver) I reminded of his masterful use of color and light. Jay beautifully weaves masculinity and the male form with glamour and a hint of mystery. It comes through in the poses he captures, the lighting he uses of course and the deep shades of blue, red and purple that drape his models. Jay's work always takes me to another place and time. It is not a time necessarily in history but more a place, a fantasy, the way we feel old Hollywood used to look and feel. When I was growing up living on the East coast, the magic of Hollywood and the movies might as well have been across the world or on another planet. Jay's images however are able to visually take me to that place in an instant.

Although Jay is shooting a bit less than he used to, when he does I feel fortunate to be able to share the magic. Jay recently got back on Model Mayhem after some time away to look around. Jay loves working with new models so was curious to see if there were any new faces around which would inspire him to plan a new shoot. 'I saw Marshawn's page and he had posted some cell phone and senior pics from which I could tell he showed some promise.'

Although new to modeling, Marshawn Randolph is a natural and shine's in front Jay's lens. Marshawn's strong face and brilliant Hazel eyes are especially striking bathed in the light and colors Jay surrounds him with. His lean long body creates beautifully stunning and beautifully photographed poses. Marshawn also has one of the hottest, and most well defined, inguinal creases I have seen with his impressive V cut heading seductively downward, magnificently framing his incredible abs.

'I've always enjoyed the process of working with a new model. I prefer their freshness over someone who shows up with a handful of poses, two expressions and a boat load of ego. A new models eagerness shows in the images and I think it makes their portfolios more interesting, less plastic. Needless to say he didn't disappoint. This was just a test shoot. We didn't have many clothing options and I didn't have any planned ahead of time. So we got into the studio and just went with the flow. After Marshawn got warmed up he got more confident and the poses starting flowing more and his personality began to surface in the images.'

Marshawn has dreams of going far in life. Although modeling and acting are his passion, the Marion Indiana model is realistic and knows that it takes more than just talent and great looks. It takes hard work, a bit of luck and for Marshawn, keeping professionalism front and center. Marshawn believes in bringing the best he has to offer to every job and photo shoot. The 21 year old model comes from a large family and has an identical twin which understandably, makes standing out, even more of a passion and goal.

'I am very caring and respectful and have a unique personality I consider it to be one of a kind. I'm a hard worker and enjoy being on set. As they say, capture the moment and I love to capture every one of my moments. Jay Rickard is a awesome guy to work with he knows his lighting and keeps it professional at all times. If he sees you doing an error he will tell you and explain the correct way to capture that moment. He is a blast to be around and I look forward to doing many more photo shoots with him.'